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Social Media Marketing

Who are we?

DGsaga is a full-service social media marketing agency with clients locally, nationally, and globally. We are a team of marketing consultants, data analysts, social media wizards, computer geeks, visionaries, visualizers, and community builders, who strive to convert challenges into growth opportunities. DGsaga is an ideal fit for startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses looking to maximize return on their investments.

When you work with us, you will see diverse minds working together towards the single goal of your success. We are a tribe of diverse individuals who are bound by the enthusiasm of digital technologies, pursuing the craft of building brands’ presence, and propelling towards growth with agility. Our focus is to create sparking interactions between the brand and the consumer. With global footprints spread across North Americas, Europe, APAC and ANZ, we serve varied industries:

FMCG & Retail

Marketing & Media Agencies



Media & Entertainment




Real Estate

Healthcare & Medical

Professional Services


Our Vision

We collaborate to deliver your business objectives by curating a customized plan leveraging data insight of consumers, geographies, industry and competition. Our approach focuses on narrating digital stories and creating engaging conversations with your consumers. We aim to act as catalysts to your brands’ aspirations.

Our Mission

Build Brand Advocates in the Digital Landscape to be a reliable partner and generate business growth by realizing your brand's digital potential in its truest sense. We unite diverse minds to craft long-lasting human relationships with your brand through digital experiences. Our data wizards leverage technology to enhance value for your brand.

Our Values

Our values are the foundational pillars that govern us in our daily lives. These values are a pact that each of the individuals breathes themselves in. 

We believe in the “Your Success is Our Success” mantra and create delight for your end customers.

We value the talent, time, and backgrounds of our team, partners, and our clients.  

Our team dedicatedly works on resolving your challenges to fast-track your growth.

We have an uncompromising focus on the impact to be delivered for our clients.

We strive to deliver unique solutions to meet the needs of the ever-evolving market.

Problems We Solve

With our diverse minds, we craft innovative solutions that augment a business’s goals and ride through the wave of uncertainties.

Social Media Presence: We build a brand’s visibility on social media. Our strategies aid in garnering global virality for brands.

Business Goals Achievement: We develop a customer-centric approach that meets the business’s goals. Our experts deliver tangible results by ensuring transparency with the stakeholders.

Brand Experience: We design our campaigns with an objective to enrich customer experience.  With our global footprints, we deliver global exposure for brands.

Customer Experience: We leverage technology to monitor brand mentions and ensuring the consumer's voice is captured. With our automation recommendations, brands can redress consumer queries. 

Let’s Work Together

Stay in touch with us on social media, at our blog, or through our “Grow Your Social Media” newsletter.