Benefits of Sales Pitch Videos in Conversions

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Creating an engaging sales strategy that ensures conversions has become tougher than before. With the declining attention spans, no one during the initial stages prefers reading through brochures, flyers, pamphlets, guides, and other innovative literature designed to sell. Inclusion of sales pitch videos can change the sales enablement cycle.

Video has increased sales for 80% of video marketers (Source: Wyzowl). Thus, many businesses have shifted towards including videos in their sales pitch. Including videos in the sales cycle has already shown results to the brands who reported their sales team got a 16% higher open rate and 26% increase in replies (Source: Sales Loft)

Video can be used across sales pitches as a medium of education, information, demonstration, relationship building, and persuasion. Let’s look at ways in which sales pitch videos can create value for the sales team and how best one can build these videos.

5 Benefits of Sales Pitch Videos

Targets Non-Readers

With the information overload online, a lot of customers will skip the reading content and opt for visual content. A well-structured video explaining the problem, providing solution and provides testimony to the brand; connects well with the prospect. Creating different sales videos across the buying cycle leads to a conversation built-up which could translate into sales later.

Leveraging videos for social selling can drive immense tangible results for the brand. LinkedIn audiences connect with prospects easily who have used videos in their InMail. Brands can repurpose the existing reading material into short-form videos which sales team can utilize for their conversations.

Increases Engagement

As already seen, most of your prospects are swarmed by information in varying formats like newsletters, eGuides, eBooks, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, leaflets, and videos. Video generates more engagement than any type of content. Hence, it is a wide known fact that the use of video as a marketing tool is effective. Using traditional cold sales approach of adopting PowerPoint aren’t necessarily appealing enough to capture the prospect’s interest.

Instead using videos with a compelling hook, helps in initiating conversation with the prospect. Video provides you the opportunity of speaking directly to the customer and providing a demonstration of product/services. The PPT led solution becomes more interesting with a pre-recorded product demo. This approach will make the content more engaging and nurture the lead towards conversion.

Adds Human Element

Most sales pitch lack a personal touch. Humans bond well with their fellow species. Connecting becomes easy with a face and voice than textual words. Video helps in overcoming this barrier and strikes a bond with the prospect.

When customers see a face, they know who they are communicating with. It also strikes a familiarity within them, which makes them feel reassured. This is crucial in developing trust with the prospect who potentially starts seeing credibility of the brand. Using a screenshare video with the sales rep giving the solution demo is the ideal to break the ice of the sales cycle and start with the conversation.

Offers Customization

Videos not only aid in product demonstration but also support personalized sales pitch which help strike the conversation with the prospect. Creating engaging personalized reading material is tough. Personalized videos catering towards a segment of target users can be achieved easily with inhouse trained resources using software or outsourcing to video production houses.

Every segment of the target audience at every stage can be touched upon with a customized video designed with a solution only for them. Increasing the use of videos in your sales cycle could increase the probability of increasing your leads.

Builds Credibility

Establishing trust with customers is the key to building a successful relationship. A lot of this depends on the conversation brands have with their prospect. Videos give brands the power to communicate their mission, vision, and the impact their product has on the world. Thus, making it much easier to build credibility with the consumers.

Different formats of the video like explainer, demo, screen share, webcam can be developed to showcase the product features. These videos can be developed using readily available software or recruiting video production company to fulfil your vision. Businesses can leverage these video formats across the different stages of the sales cycle.

Elicits Emotional Response

Our brains react to visual elements like color, human face, human voice, and animation. The combination of these elements when represented in the video has the power to evoke emotions in the left size of the brain. Emotions help in grabbing the attention of the prospect faster which leads you to outrun the competition at large.

A video strategy focused on creating an emotional appeal initiates faster connect with the audience. Radical decision-making dominated by the rational part of the brain too gets influenced when there is emotional resonance with the subject.

4 Tips to Create Deal Winning Sales Pitch Videos

Now that we have covered the benefits of the sales videos, here is a list of to-do things to create winning sales pitch videos.

Be Direct

The subject and context setting of sales pitch videos should be done at the start. If a video beats around the bush, the customer becomes disengaged. Prospects when disengaged will drop-off the conversation leading to a halt in the ongoing sales cycle.

The sales pitch videos should set the context in the first 10-20 seconds, failure to do so results in prospects pulling the plug on and closing the deal. To retain the message, ideal sales pitch videos are 40-60 seconds as an initial conversation starter. Once the conversation starts, brands can get more detailed with videos not longer than 2 minutes. So, a brief, articulate and a compelling pitch works way longer than a lengthy video.

Communicate With a Confident Body Language

As already established, videos featuring a sales rep in person have a longer way of building relationships. Communicating with the prospect using a composed body language can drive a successful pitch. Few body language movements like smile, eye contact with the camera, open gestures, and sitting straight without a slouch are some gestures that can make the sales pitch videos more persuasive.

Sounds quite easy right? Many sales pitch videos forget or miss incorporating these no-brainers while creating a video. Add the voice modulation and voila a successful sales pitch video is on your way!

Include Visual Elements

Incorporating visual elements in a sales pitch videos like whiteboard, cards, pictures, or product demonstration can aid in explaining your point across the prospect. These elements help the viewer in grasping the concepts in a much simpler way than a monologue.

Add CTAs

Including an appropriate call-to-action towards the end of the sales pitch video keeps the conversation ongoing. A successful sales strategy is to move the prospect along the funnel. The ideal way to do this is to give the prospects an action to carry out in the end. Some examples of these include – book an appointment in the calendar, book a demo call, and buy the product.


Sales pitch videos are here to stay forever. Brands looking to maximize the impact of the sales effort need to invest in creating sales pitch videos across the different sales cycle stages. As seen from above the benefits sales pitch videos can deliver, it is only appropriate to create these videos inhouse or recruit a video production company. Implementing the tips with the different sales pitch video formats will deliver the advantages brands seek from the sales cycle.

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