Benefits of Social Media Videos for Businesses!

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Video marketing is gradually gaining importance on various social media platforms. To start with, YouTube gets more than 1 billion hours worth of new video content daily.  A particular study shows how 72 % of consumers prefer to learn about services or products via video content over other formats.

And Facebook reveals that people are 1.5X likely to watch a social media video using their Smartphone.

How Social Media Videos Help Businesses

The social media audience is ever-ready for new engaging content. Therefore, a business should purpose to use short videos on their social media pages. There are many benefits linked to hiring the top social media video creators to help generate the content. Here are a few of those benefits:

Increases business reach on social media sites

Many videos posted on social media sites get widely shared. And this is a trend that businesses should leverage. If they post catchy videos and the audience shares them, the reach of the video increases.

The shared videos appear on the news feed of their friends, and this improves the brand visibility ultimately leading to building awareness for the business. Businesses should focus on creating branded social media videos to leverage such one-of-a-kind publicity.

Improves sales and conversions

Social media video content can improve revenues. Short videos can be created for every buying stage and audience personas. Such video snippets can entice the target audience and generate leads. Nurturing the leads with problem-solving videos may result in driving business for brands. Publishing a series of varying video formats (Explainer, Scrollstopper, Doodles, 3D Animated Video, 2D Animated Video, Text Animation, Tutorial video, Product-Demo, Behind-The-Scenes, Announcement, and Trending Videos) engages your prospects as they browse through their feeds and can stimulate them towards a purchase.

A study has revealed that well-crafted explainer videos can turn the audience into customers.

Impacts Brand Perception

Positive brand perception improves the likelihood of a consumer choosing one brand over the competitor’s product. Besides, the new customer may still refer their friends and family to buy the brand that is well-marketed via social media videos.

Hyper Targeting

Businesses can use social media videos to deliver highly customized messages to a specific group of audience. The best strategy to achieve this would be identifying and understanding the target audience.

Increases Engagement

Increased engagement can help turn leads into customers. It can push consumers through the channel and create an opportunity for the consumers to find out and purchase more products.

Creates Brand Advocates

Consumers can promote the brand via word of mouth. they can give positive reviews about the brand leading to more buyers and increased ROI.

Key Factors to Create Social Media Videos

These video production tips will help in creating engaging content that social media users will like. If the video fails to grab the attention of the users, then they will not watch it further.  Thus, anyone creating a video with the aim of driving value must employ these tips:

Utilize the First few Seconds prudently

According to this study, the attention span of most people is shorter than it used to be. It claims that in only 8 seconds, most people tend to lose concentration. Therefore, the video must have a great ‘hook’ in the beginning to capture the audience’s attention instantly.

Use Animations

The use of animations is one of the recent trends in social media video production. These animated videos capture the attention of the audience quickly and engage the audience in the brand conversation, thus, relaying the message.

Use Supers

Supers are suitable in social media videos for both foreign viewers and those with hearing complications. Creating videos that can appeal to every kind of audience can grow the probable customer base of the brand.

Keep the Video Content Short

The social media video should only be filled with engaging and relevant content. With the decreasing attention time span and the information clutter, short snippets can play a pivotal role in driving the message ahead.

Short videos that are captivating, get many views and shares, compared to long runs. Audiences are scarce on time to watch videos of longer duration. Thus, for a business video to drive results from video marketing, the videos should be short and sweet.

Video Sound

Many social media users watch the videos on mobile devices. And when they do this, it is probable that they are commuting or in a public spot. Honestly, most of them will not be using earphones to watch social media videos. Thus, most of them watch the entire video without sound.

According to this survey, 69% of consumers in the United States watch social media videos on portable devices without sound in public places. Thus, businesses should ensure that all types of video content consumers get the same effect without sound. To achieve this, business owners should include subtitles or text to help deliver the message without sound.

Key Factors to Consider for Social Media Videos

The first consideration would be if the medium is fully leveraged with the help of social media videos. for instance, the live stream feature has a huge potential. Facebook and Instagram have live stream features and all businesses can find ways to fully leverage these elements.

The other factor would be the impact of the videos. Are they generating more client-throughs and shares? If not, the next video should be better.

How to Select Right Partner for Social Media Videos

Hiring the right firm for creating social media videos may not be easy. The first thing should be to create a list of video-creating firms. Write down a few notes about each of the social media video production firms. Now, consider if they have the following:

  1. Experience in the social media video production realm
  2. Provide transparency about who they are and what they offer
  3. A website where they define their scope of services, specialties, and a few samples
  4. Social media pages, LinkedIn profiles of the team, and video channels
  5. Significant expertise in staff with all relevant permits and certifications
  6. A reasonable pricing structure

These factors will help in identifying the right social media video production firm. Eventually, the video creation project will be handled by experienced hands, and it will be done at the right time. Thus, avoid DIY projects when it comes to video production. Onboard the experts to handle the social media video strategy and execution part, while you can focus on other aspects of the business.


Social media videos are a great tool to reach more people and increase the probability of conversions and sales. The videos must be short and catchy. To create catchy videos, use graphics, subtitles, animations, and keep it short. However, businesses can hire social media video production agencies to help them create quality videos. This is because the video creation firms have all types of video production equipment, proficient well-trained video production staff, experience, knowledge of video trends, and even support on the video marketing campaign.


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