Best Platforms for Short Form Videos

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Short form video trend has started dominating the video content landscape. Video content consumption plays a pivotal role in today’s buying cycle. In fact, 84% of consumers say they have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video (Optinmonster). However, the rising video consumption trend, coupled with the declining attention span of the users led to the trend setting short form video consumption.

The trend of short form videos was invented by TikTok which gave users the power to experiment and create content in seconds. Today, brands are taking advantage of this trend as short form videos drive more engagement on social media, build deeper relationships with the audience and ideal for the narrowing attention span. Marketers have adopted short form videos to tell a story about the brand, creating an impactful communication. Distributing the short form content on the right platforms is the key to success. Read on to find which social media platforms align with your audiences where you can leverage the success of short form videos.


With over 1 billion TikTok users, the platform is the primary go-to medium of Gen Z and Millennials. The trend setter platform recently increased the video length from 60 seconds to 3 minutes, giving marketers the room for video marketing.

The popular short form video format like looping videos, choreographed dances, hashtag challenges dominate TikTok. Brands can the target audience by incorporating informational, educational, and promotional content. With features like music, effects, filters, speed, and beauty mode; marketers can create engaging short form videos. Some businesses have incorporated user-generated videos and influencer partnerships to magnify the reach of their message. Successful campaigns like Kroger Branded Hashtag challenge, ThredUp, and KFC In-feed Ad aided in businesses achieving their goals via short form videos.

Instagram Reels

Reels introduced by Instagram in response to TikTok, allows users to post video from 15-30 seconds. The reels can be incorporated on the feed. With a broader demographic and 1 billion users worldwide, brands can leverage distribution of short form videos via Reels.

Reels lets users experiment with Audio, AR effects, Timer & Countdown, Filters, Align and Speed to create a customized message. A starching difference between TikTok and Reels is the length of the caption, while Reels can have 2200 characters, TikTok length is restricted to 100 characters. This flexibility gives businesses more space to be descriptive about the message. Brands using Instagram reels have witnessed an increase in their engagement like Louis Vuitton gets average of 7M views, Sephora France gets 453K+ views and Red Bull France gets 2.4M+ views. Businesses can thus, extend short form video formats of behind-the-scenes, educational, promotional, influencer collaborations via Instagram Reels.

YouTube Shorts

Launched in India in Sep 2020 and then rolled out to 26 countries in March 2021, YouTube was another platform that adopted its technology to the rising trend of social media video. With wide range of demographic YouTube shorts has the potential for brands targeting a wide range of demographic. YouTube being the second-most visited site after Google, provides immense opportunity for marketers. The platforms popularity is indicated in the average views being over 6.5 billion daily globally in June 2021.

To boost the popularity of the platform amongst its creators, YouTube partnered with Ed Sheeran. For brands to gain the maximum outcome from Shorts, YouTube has created an educational video series. Shorts appear on the YouTube channel, which can accelerate engagement for the brands. Though the features of Shorts are like Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, the advantage of being part of a search engine lies only with Shorts.

Snapchat Spotlight

Snapchat has 293 million users with majority being Gen Z and Millennials. Snapchat is more of personal communication medium with users mostly engaging with their friends and news. Brands can leverage the large user base by promoting their message with short form videos of 60 seconds.

The platform’s advertising formats like sponsored filters, AR lenses; or featuring content on discover tab, in-Story Ads, video ads and commercials which appear within the platform’s content can go a long way in increasing awareness and engagement with the audience. Dominos launched their new pizza in Europe using Snap Ads garnered 800K+ unique Norwegian Snapchatters. Similar success has been witnessed by Sephora, Subway and Coca-Cola.


Stories are a popular extension for brands on Facebook and Instagram. With the option to add links on the short form videos, tangible results from stories can be driven for brands. Many brands publish multiple stories 3-5 in a day to communicate a story about a product or service or a campaign and attract the attention of the users. As both the platforms have a wide range of demographic and a billion-user base, businesses can extend their reach within the platform leveraging stories.

Brands that have successfully leveraged stories in their favor are Converse connects their feed and story content seamlessly, Nat Geo educating and inspiring users with efforts across the world, and Minimalist baker creates engaging stories by previewing their recipes and directing users to the news feed.


Triller is music-oriented video app similar to TikTok. The platform has a prominent feature of making top and tending music in the main tab. With features like including music, filters, AI-based editing tool and transitions; users can create 60-seconds to 3 minutes video in the app. The AI-based editing is a standout feature that automatically edits users’ video.

As the platform is centered towards music, brands will need to adopt to a music storytelling mode and spread their message. Backed by renowned artists like Snoop Dogg, The Weeknd, Migos, Proxima Sony Music, Warner Music, Universal Music and much more, the platform is focused on the Music fans.


Short form videos are here to stay. These videos are not flexible in creating but also empower users to display their creativity, demonstrate the message, and reach more audiences. Choosing the right platform depends on the target audience. Depending on the availability of target audience, competition landscape, budget, and content creators; brands should select the ideal platforms for creating and distributing short form videos. Short form videos too can generate tangible results, boost engagement, and create impactful message for the audience.


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