Can Personal LinkedIn Profiles Help in Marketing Yourself or Your business?

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Many people have not found out the importance of joining LinkedIn. They are probably not aware of the many benefits linked to the use of this professional social network. However, some people who have already joined the channel do not have optimized profiles and are probably unaware of LinkedIn Marketing. As such, they are not prioritizing personal branding, which has enormous benefits.

LinkedIn boasts 400 million active members from 200 countries. The platform provides you with opportunities to connect with employees, old classmates, professionals in your field, and even tons of employers. The more you connect with other users, the closer you get to prospects. An optimized LinkedIn profile can help break barriers while connecting with prospects. This is because personal LinkedIn branding goes beyond the connections and can generate conversions for startups.

LinkedIn has many large and small businesses. The owners of the businesses search for employees on the site. Besides, the firms also market their products and services on the platform via LinkedIn Marketing tactics. Thus, as a business owner, one needs to consider building a personal brand on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization Tips

Building a personal brand on the platform requires zeal, determination, and consistency. Here are handy tips that can provide assistance in optimizing the profile:

Improvisation for Search Engines

One can incorporate the appropriate set of keywords with search-engine friendly content writing such that the profile is visible for the LinkedIn audience organically. Conducting a keyword that ranks on the platform relevant to the user search is a healthy start towards optimization for search engines. Combining the keywords identified with compelling content increases the search indexability of the profile.

In addition, the selected keywords should be part of the profile headline, summary, job description, and job title. Successful implementation of this tactic increases the searchability of the profile on LinkedIn.

URL Personalization

LinkedIn auto assigns a URL when one signs up with LinkedIn.  In most cases, the URL is long and has little or no correlation with the brand name. However, the platform gives an opportunity to personalize the URL. Personalizing URLs with keywords or brand names can create an easy recall value.

Write a compelling Description

Creating an appealing description increases the profile connectivity chances. An ideal profile description includes achievements, professional highlights, personal interests, vision and mission, and most importantly the objective of being present on the platform. One can add relevant statistics, skills, expertise, published article sources too in the description. However, care needs to be taken to avoid the usage of industry jargon. Profile description should be simple and easy to comprehend for an average person too.

Highlight Skills

One can include up to 50 skills on your profile for effective LinkedIn Marketing. This may seem like a lot of work, but it does not take much time. Skills should be a mix of professional and interpersonal, so as to highlight the softer side of an individual. These skills aid in differentiating the profile among other users. If one is not sure of the skills to add to the profile, perform a quick search of LinkedIn skills or look up the relevant profiles. This way one can discover umpteen suggestions to shortlist and add to the profile.

Inclusion of Media on Profile

In LinkedIn profile optimization, one can add more info into your education and experience section with some media. The addition of media on the platforms includes uploading videos, presentations, links, photos, or even documents. Media give creative professionals an ideal way to tell short stories about themselves and display their work. One can exploit the addition to the best of its capability by including a short clip on their journey or their thoughts presented as a speaker. The inclusion of media takes the LinkedIn profile to greater levels. Media-embedded profiles attract more employers, clients, or even other professionals.

Benefits of LinkedIn Profile optimization

There are many perks linked to spicing up LinkedIn profiles. Here are some of the benefits:


An optimized profile is a great marketing asset for the company’s services or even products. Consumers gauge credibility for the brand when the employees talk positively about the brand. An optimized profile increases the chances of reaching out to the probable customer base. Thus, if one does not have an optimized LinkedIn profile, then significant benefits are missed.

Increased sales

When it comes to selling products or services, an optimized profile makes it easier to connect with prospects and build conversations. In the case of services, where the offering is intangible, prospects can gain trust while interacting with sales representatives and then will be more open in discussing possible business collaboration. Brands look for service providers by researching keywords, an optimized profile stands a better chance of being visible to the audience.

How LinkedIn Marketing can Build Personal Brand

There are various ways in which LinkedIn marketing helps in building and sustaining the personal brand. Take a look at the following ways:

Connect with professionals

One can only learn more in the domain when one collaborates with fellow professionals. And the best way is to join professional groups on LinkedIn. The more one shares, engages, and integrates with other professionals in these groups helps; the authority of the profile grows resulting in building the personal brand.

Positive exposure

One can earn positive exposure by engaging with LinkedIn influencers. The various firms, groups, and LinkedIn influencers can offer viewers a hint of the thought-leadership aspect of the individual.

Career Progression

Building a brand on LinkedIn can accelerate the career path of the individual. Optimization of the profile is one of the ways to build a brand on the platform personally that can boost the career development of the individual. Sharing thought leadership or building influencer connections can get the profile noticed and popular thus, attracting industry leaders, professionals, and prospective employers.

Research has it that 89 percent of recruiters confirm that they once sourced for employees from LinkedIn.


LinkedIn branding and marketing are mandatory to achieve success in a career or business. Thus, one must set up a profile for organic search. By achieving 100 % profile optimization, one can leverage all the perks associated with the highly optimized LinkedIn profile. One can even outsource LinkedIn branding to professionals who can build the right strategy, content plan, and manage influencer relationships that drive visibility and desired outcomes for the LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn profile optimization is a significant step in portraying your perspective to the audience that can help one achieve their career or business goals on this platform used by more than 400 million users around the globe.

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