Different Types of Videos for Social Media

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Videos are a unique way to pass a message to your audience, offer a commendable social experience, and generate engagement. Video marketing has been around for many years. Surprisingly, some firms haven’t tapped into their potential, while those that have tried are yet to enjoy the full benefits of video marketing.

Video consumption is on a constant rise over the past years across various social media channels. For example, every day, 1 + billion hours of video content are played on YouTube. A while back, Tubular Insight revealed that branded videos consumption improved by a whopping 258 percent on Facebook.

Twitter revealed that any tweet that has a video is 10X more engaging compared to plain text. In addition, they also stated that promoted tweets that contain videos could cut down the cost-per-engagement by 50 percent.

Now, let us look at the various social media video formats that you can create as part of your social media video strategy:

Behind-the-scenes videos

Behind-the-scenes videos are one of the many social media video formats that help make a firm’s team more likable. Brands can highlight the company’s day-to-day operations, showcase neat offices, or even the process of manufacturing products.

Businesses can also interview their employees or even have a conversation with some of their best customers. All these behind-the-scene videos aim to offer prospective clients a clear idea of the company’s values, mission, and insight into the brand’s customer relationship management.


Nowadays, many adults get trending news from social media. thus, you can utilize social media to relay breaking news to your audience. however, you should be careful not to get involved in newsjacking to gain social media attention or even improve your brand exposure. Always convey the breaking news in form of a catchy video.

Live videos

Live videos are impressive to establish credibility amongst the social media followers. Most channels offer Live streaming features, connecting Live videos with an event or product announcement can boost the engagement of social media channels. These videos also help in fostering relationships with the fans who can become the prospective customers of the brand.

The live video format is the best way to engage your audience in a Q&A session, a behind-the-scene, or even a live event. make sure you engage your audience actively in the live session.

User-generated videos

Creating impressive videos that connect with your audience is a challenge. Thus, instead of investing too much in making videos for the social media channels, brands can leverage social media followers to create videos by combining with Giveaways or contests. . Adding the spotlight to the audiences’ videos as they celebrate the successful delivery of products or as they try them out, will encourage them to share ahead and increase the virality of the brand. User-generated videos when included as part of the influencer marketing strategy it can boost the trust within the social media followers of the brand.

Product demo

Brands can develop quality videos that showcase the products or services in detail. Static product images may not serve the purpose well because they will only reveal the features and benefits. But a product demonstration video will let the audience see the product in action.


Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn give brands the power to leverage extended video formats. Thus, businesses can utilize these channels when doing interviews and Q&A sessions. Brands can invite industry experts, loyal customers, influencers, and even team members during the interview video format. Brands can enhance the engagement of these interview videos, by publishing the questions earlier or let them show up in the comments section as the session goes on.

Event videos

There are many benefits of using event videos to include the social media audience into the brand’s events. Brands can do a great video inviting customers and other audiences to attend the life-changing brand event. In addition, by extending the live streaming of the video using Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or YouTube Live, the event can be promoted on a real-time basis with the social media audience.


Brands can announce news or launch products on social media using catchy videos. By creating first look videos or exclusive launches for social media, brands can generate a sense of loyalty amongst the audience. Consequently, such videos will drive engagement on social media channels and improve SEO relevance. While making the announcements via video, brands can use varying colors, fonts, effects, and soundtracks to make sure it comes out attractive.

Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos are also called how-to videos. They are among the best social media video formats with a significant appeal on social media and are most frequently shared by those who see them first. Brands can create tutorial videos for your products or services to improve consideration and nurture leads on social media. By creating an industry-centric video than a product-centric video, brands can establish themselves in a thought-leadership space.

These videos must be informative and educational. Most importantly, they should be captivating to catch the attention of the viewers. In addition, if they are showcasing a procedure, every step must be exclusively covered. That is why even a long-time consuming product video with apt messaging can increase conversion for the brands..

Promote Offers and Deals

Garner conversions on the offers and deals by creating a promotional social media video communicating the sales. . Grab the attention of the audience for the deals by creating interesting promotional videos. . Showcasing exclusive and upcoming deals for the audience can have them engaged and increasing the authority of the social media channel.

Other formats of social media video are:

    • Testimonials
    • Branding video
    • Character animated videos

Social media video production tips

Follow these handy tips when video making:

Entertain and educative

Brands should produce social media videos that are valuable. It would be best if businesses purposed to make videos that will entertain and educate.

Be catchy

The social media videos brand’s creation should be attention-grabbing. If the videos are not catchy, the audience will skip them and move on to something more engaging. Thus, businesses should make an eye-catching title and use a unique video thumbnail.

Don’t require sound

Ensure the video can perform well with or without sound. This is because users tend to mute social media videos until they choose to turn the sound on.

Include captions

If the video is a dialogue, brands will need to use captions. Brands should not use auto-generated captions as they do not connect with the audience. Creating relevant content captions embedded with emotions can help driving conversations amongst social media followers.

Keep it short

You should keep your social media videos short. This is because many social media users like short videos. You can use 2 to 3-minute videos on both Twitter and Facebook. However, YouTube is ideal for long videos. Instagram allows users can upload a video for up to one minute. Creating a social media video strategy wherein a teaser video is followed by a lengthy how-to or product video can move the audience in the buying cycle and generate revenues for the brand.

How hiring a professional social media video specialist helps

Outsourcing the production of social media video can help in more than 1 way:

  • Help you focus on the business
  • Swifter Turnaround time
  • Deliver high-quality videos
  • Align videos to the trend.


Social media is a great platform for various video formats. Brands can use the different types of social media to enhance SEO, have a dialogue with their target audience, launch new products, pass breaking news, promote deals, and offers, and finally drive brand awareness amongst the users. . Thus, brands should create quality videos or invest in professionals to develop quality videos.


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