Facebook, the Ideal Marketing Platform for SMBs!

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Wondering how to get your brand value and goodwill across to your target audience without disrupting your constrained marketing budget? With more than 2.7 billion monthly users Facebook might just be the solution you have been looking for.  Facebook for Business with its phenomenal user base is perhaps the best way to connect and convert prospective customers through a series of intelligent tools and strategies. Facebook is an ideal fit for Small and Medium-size businesses.

If you are still wondering if it is worth investing time and money on Facebook marketing, here are a few facts that will answer your dilemma:

  • With more than 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the no #1 social media platform in the world
  • Facebook reaches 59% of the world’s social networking population
  • Out ranked only by Google and YouTube, Facebook is the third most visited website in the world
  • Facebook is the second-most downloaded app while Facebook Messenger stands at number seven
  • 57% of Facebook’s audience is male while 43% is female
  • 48.5% of B2B decision-makers use Facebook for research
  • Two third of Facebook users visit a local business Page at least once a week
  • Facebook clicks on searches for local business increased 23% from February to May 2020
  • 78 percent of American consumers have discovered retail products to buy via Facebook
  • Facebook users spend 34 minutes per day using the platform
  • 9% of Facebook users only access the platform on a mobile device
  • Facebook has an advertising audience of 14 billion

Source: Hootsuite, Oberlo

Impressed by the statistics and now thinking about how to go about setting up your Facebook for a business account? Here are some smart ways on how to utilize the Facebook solutions for business or Facebook business suite to your best advantage and take your business to the next level.

Setup the Facebook Page for your Business

Creating a Facebook business page is the best approach to introduce your business to Facebook. Like the personal Profile, Facebook business page is free and offers basic features like messaging, posting, notifications, etc. As a Business page, you can display your merchandise or services on the page, create promotional content and post interesting updates. You can also like, share, and comment on other user’s posts, thereby building a strong community network on the platform.

Customize The Look and Feel of your Page

Remember there are millions of small businesses out there jostling to get a foothold on the big bandwagon of Facebook marketing. To make an impression you should not miss a single minuscule detail of doing things the right way. After creating the Facebook Business page, you can browse your way to the ‘Settings’ tab on the upper right-hand corner of the page. Once you enter the ‘Settings’ you will have to find the ‘Edit page’ option from the existing tabs and select a suitable business template and work your way through customizing your page by adding specific tabs, customizing CTA buttons, and uploading a compelling profile image and a cover photo or video that best represents your business. An informative page with all the goods and services laid out along with a Call-To-Action button can enable you to sell on the business page itself. Also linking the company website to your Facebook business page can increase organic traffic to your website, once your social page starts getting engagement.

Serving a Platter of Assorted Content

Create good content; interesting insights into your products and compelling images can go a long way in creating a much-needed brand positioning for your brand.  A well-designed product catalog, video ads, casual but interesting Facebook stories can help you capture the target audiences’ interest. Curating relevant content from other sources or networking with other sources to share content can build awareness around your product or service. Images, videos, client testimonials, stories can work alongside strategized curated content thereby creating a lasting impression on the visitors of the page.

Contest and Offers can earn you prospective client base

It’s difficult to drive organic traffic on Facebook, therefore regularly running giveaways and contests is a great idea and can attract the right kind of audience that can drive long-term commitments.  Engaging the audience in contests and giveaways can ensure the popularity of the brand and increase page visitors, consequently directing organic flow to your website. Likewise Online events, flash Sales, and Discount offers- are some smart ways of creating awareness and interest around your products or services. However, before you create an event, contest, or giveaway, make sure you understand and follow Facebook’s rules, in order to steer clear of any legal implications.

Boosting Posts and Advertising on Facebook

According to Greg Bullock, marketing manager at TheraSpecs, Facebook’s boost post (or sponsored post) feature allows users to expand the audience for their posts exponentially and target highly engaged and relevant prospects—with very little budget. You can reach out to your target audience by directly using Facebook’s boost post feature and garner post likes, page views for your business. Boost post is a budget-friendly advertising method that can enable you to engage with your target audience while Facebook identifies your potential audience using its complex algorithmic calculations.. If you are willing to take this a step ahead you can invest a little more and opt for Facebook ad campaigns. Facebook ads are effective because you can choose your target audience based on demographics, behaviors or contact information. You can set a daily or overall budget for ads, select the amount of time an ad runs and pick your desired audience. Facebook tracks the interactions on each promotion you run, which helps you develop phenomenally successful campaigns in the future.

Connect Directly with Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger the chatting app of Facebook is a great way to connect with customers on a one-to-one basis. Interesting page content or information about events and contests can lead to viewers wanting to connect for more information or questions. Keeping the Messenger button prominent on your Facebook page can create opportunities to gain hot leads to more lead generation when viewers connect with you directly. Converting such leads with good offers and services can lead to enhanced business prospects. In fact, the advantage of the small and medium business is that direct communication with customers via Messenger might skip the approval hoops.

Reviewing analytics

Reviewing analytics can lead to a more informed approach towards your marketing strategy. Which ‘post’ is responding well, and which is not, who is coming back to your page for more, or what is the engagement rate on a particular advertisement can determine your next move. Analytics tools like Sprout help you easily understand what is going on with your Facebook business page and can generate presentation-ready graphics for you with the click of a button.

Facebook for Business courses

Facebook has created an entire resource library for businesses to study and implement strategies that can keep them ahead of the race. The resources range from new features relevant to businesses, singular courses to helpful case studies that can give you insights into what works well and what does not. Exploring resources like these and reading about new Facebook strategies can help you reshape your marketing strategy and achieve your marketing goals more smoothly.

Highlight Business Milestones

Play upon your success and milestones to attract prospective customers and retain older ones. Remember your brand success establishes your business worth to others, so highlight every small and big achievement on the business page- like a new store opening, new product launch, or a prize you have been awarded. Celebrate anniversaries, or give a prize to the first thousandth customer, if possible, put up pictures of ‘happy customers on your page. This way you can gradually build upon your brand value, page likes and connect with customers.

Explore the Shop Feature

You can in fact build a direct shop link on the Facebook page and upload a product catalog with attractive images. If you are a small or medium business planning to sell online then using the shop feature on Facebook and linking it to a payment getaway can help you make direct sales without much hassle. However, before attempting to make sales, you will need to build your brand value on Facebook to get the customer’s attention.


With the Covid-19 threat continuing to cast a dark shadow on the economy in general, small and medium businesses are struggling to leave a lasting impression on the audience with dwindling finances and budget-conscious customers. Limited access to physical marketing and live events or promotions has resulted in small and medium businesses relying on social media platforms to get their services and merchandise across to the audience. Facebook for business or Facebook business page offers an easy and strategic way to market almost anything in the given scenario, providing intelligent insights through analytics, targeting the right audience through well-researched demographics, and inducing sales. It is a win-win situation for all as the customer can make an informed choice with multiple options and the small and medium businesses find a cost-effective medium to showcase their brand.


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