Guide to Building a Successful Online Personal Brand!

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Whilst many people think of big enterprises whenever they hear of a brand, every individual today, also has an Online Personal Brand.

Did you know that workers have 10X more followers than those of their company’s social media accounts?

Personal brand: Think of it as what others think and say about you. It encapsulates who you are as well as your talents, and it is what sets you apart from others. Typically, your personal brand is what you do and what you stand for.

Think of great brands such as Nike or Apple. Indeed, they do sell products; however, they are much more than that. Nike rakes in $39.117B annual revenues. However, these brands stand for specific values and emotions.

Ideally, the most recognized online personal branding persona should be authentic, unique, and trustworthy. Building a firm reputation helps one scale at not only professional levels but also at personal levels.

The Essence of Personal Branding

Personal branding can help you get powerful connections and provide you with new opportunities. A renowned professional may even contact you if they find mutual interests with your thought-leadership content. However, there is more to personal branding than this.

In 2020, 43 percent of the United States workforce consisted of contract workers and freelancers. A successful personal brand can help in initiating conversations with the prospect and generate business revenues for your business.

A personal brand helps in establishing trustworthiness and credibility.

In addition, according to this survey, 70 % of employers examine candidates by reviewing their social media, while 43 % sift through their current workers’ social media regularly. This helps brands in identifying the influence of their current as well as prospective employees. One can also decipher the brand advocates and encourage their interactions with the branded content.

In today’s world, it is vital for job seekers to have a positive and tactical online presence. This is an important aspect that can make or break their candidacy. The average tenure for a worker is just 4 years. Thus, you will probably be a job seeker at some point. It is, therefore, a smart move to craft a powerful Online Personal Brand before it is direly needed at some point.

Benefits of Personal Branding

Personal branding has multiple benefits, as explained below:

Builds Credibility

Credibility is of utmost importance for professionals. The more trust you build, the more your target audience will be willing to invest in your digital products. The target audience will trust you and your business. Consistently putting your face out there helps build trust. Thus, focus on offering quality, regular information-rich content, and educate those that are interested in what you do.

Develop Vital Relationships

Using a proven personal branding strategy to create a credible and trustworthy online brand can help you expand your network and increase your followers. Connecting with industry experts, influencers, prospects, and customers should be a good starting point to build your network.  A strong and active network goes a long way in enhancing your social authority and amplifying your message which can translate into revenues for your business.

Establish yourself as an Expert

You can establish yourself as an expert by posting free content on various channels, guest posting on other top sites, providing valuable content on social media, writing valuable content about your industry in a blog or a book, and always offering unique opinions.

Achieve Increased Visibility

While creating your personal brand, show up online regularly and in a powerful way. You will be more visible to your target audience and other professionals. Consequently, it will be easy for people to find and interact with you.

Increased Perceived Value

Building a personal brand is not an easy task. It really takes so much work. However, the results prevail over the amount of energy and time you have invested in creating your personal brand.

You can even charge high prices for your products or services. For example, with a renowned online brand, you can charge high for copywriting services. This is because you have established yourself as a domain expert and your value has surpassed their expectations.

Brilliant Tips for Personal Branding

After understanding the importance and benefits of personal branding, you can start working towards building your personal brand with these handy tips:

Define Your Brand

Introspect your mind, thoughts, actions and identify what constitutes your brand. Also, find out who you are and what you would like to be associated with. At this point, you can use words like resourceful, connected, diplomatic, precise, collaborative, visionary, genuine, etc.

With the purpose of demonstrating your proficiency in a field, ensure the expertise you select is relevant to the vision, mission, and goals. Once you commence engaging, the audience will view and interact with your thoughts. This will set the ball rolling to garnering attention for your personal brand which can result in having conversations with prospects who drive revenues for your business.

Establish a Presence

Personal branding aims at displaying your name on the online content. Users generally search for individuals using Google. Being present on the search results increases the chances of interactions. Thus, creating a website or a blog and frequently publishing content under your name can help you enhance online visibility.

Generate Brand Awareness

Networking helps in boosting brand awareness. Connecting with the like-minded audience, target audience, industry thought-leaders leveraging social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, brings the spotlight to your profile. Interacting with the audiences by commenting or re-sharing their content aids in creating your brand equity.

Apply the 3 C’s of branding

It would help if you focused on staying consistent, maintaining clarity and constancy. You should be clear on who you really are and stay consistent in expressing your brand via the various communication mediums. Ensure a constant presence by adopting a mix of strategies like posting, re-sharing, liking, or even messaging to build your digital authority.

Maintain the same image across social media accounts

Consider keeping the same profile picture across various social media accounts. That way, it will be easy for people to find you. Having fewer profile variations helps create a consistent look which is easier for the audience to memorize.

Keep Profile Links up to date

Make sure you have the current information on your social media accounts and blog. update the profile links regularly so that your audience finds you relevant. Besides, you can effectively share your latest projects with your audience if you have the current profile links in place.

How Social Media Amplifies Personal Branding

Social media plays a pivotal role in personal brands. It provides great opportunities for top professionals to build their personal brands. You can leverage social media to create value for you as a brand and even for your company.

Showing concern to others on social media can help build loyalty and awareness of your personal brand. Thus, it is advisable to sincerely interact with clients, customers, and other professionals on social media.

Eventually, you will gain more social media followers, attract other professionals in your industry, and can help you gain authority in your niche.


Personal branding has many benefits. The process of creating a credible and trustworthy brand may seem daunting, but it is worth the time and energy. A thoughtful strategy deployed in building a personal brand can go a long way in establishing thought-leadership for the individual, growing the social authority, earning the recognition of a digital influencer, and thus, presenting an opportunity to connect with prospects and increase business revenues.

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