How can Doodle Videos Help Small Businesses?

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Wyzowl reports that 63% of businesses have tapped into the huge potential of video marketing. The use of whiteboard animation keeps increasing and will get to new heights faster. The trend is and will continue to be fueled by startups believing that doodle for small businesses leads to huge benefits.

Undeniably, video marketing is a new addition to the promotion toolkit. Many businesses owners may doubt its effectiveness, but it is surely worth it. So, are you yet convinced about the role of videos in your marketing efforts?  Do you have ready resources for video marketing?

Video Budgets, a Challenge for Small Businesses

Large organizations are now increasing the video budget allocation. The rising investment is towards deploying varying formats of videos: Explainer, 2DAnimation, 3DAnimation, Doodles, Promotional Videos for different marketing objectives. Each video type can aid in achieving a particular marketing objective. Some of the objectives videos have been able to deliver is an overall increase in web traffic, an 80% increase in conversions.

However, not all businesses can leverage these benefits of video marketing. Budget constraints hold small businesses from investing in varied formats of high-quality videos. Startups usually look at achieving multiple outcomes from 1 video in a shoestring budget. In addition to the budgetary issues for videos, small businesses also face:

  • Lack of captivating video content
  • Poor video SEO
  • Insufficient video production skills
  • Inadequate resources for video production
  • Limited budget for video promotion

Small businesses can Achieve Business Objectives with Doodles

With the increased use of video content in business marketing, there must be some driving forces. Indeed, you can only remember the brand that you watched on a video than the one you read in a magazine. Here are further benefits of doodles:

Doodle Attracts Buyers Across Generations:

Doodle content is very easy and fast to consume. Nowadays, people are extremely busy with multiple things such that they do not have time or feel like reading any long product descriptions. The modern buyer wants to watch the product instead of reading about it.

Thus, as consumer preference has shifted to videos, how-to-product videos made in Doodle can help your brand to connect with your customers and move them across the sales funnel. Impressive, animated videos capture the attention of a wide audience.

Doodle videos help in retaining the information and thus customers learn about the product usage and increases brand affinity. Additionally, Doodle videos can provide scenarios in which the product can help solve the customers’ real-life challenges. Doodle aids you in targeting both the eyes and ears of the potential buyer, providing you a competitive edge in your marketing strategy.

Doodle Boosts Conversions and Sales:

Doodle can increase your business revenue. For example, you will attract more potential buyers if you add a product video on your site’s landing page. They can lead to direct sales. Studies reveal that 74 % of people who watched videos about a service, or a product ended up buying it. Telling stories on product or service features gauges a customer’s attention and goes a long way in nurturing a relationship with the prospect.

Doodle videos can cover every buying stage of a customer journey. Combining conviction and a compelling storyline can generate conversions and sales more than pictures’ engagement could do. Furthermore, whiteboard animation can work well irrespective of the product or service category in which you implement them. You should, therefore, start exploring the possibility of leveraging Doodles for your business goals.

Brand Recall:

It is every business owner’s objective to have their customer recall the brand easily. However, with the information overload, today coupled with the declining attention span, achieving brand awareness is a challenge. Creating stunning animated doodle videos can aid in enhancing your brand name amongst the consumers’ minds.

Doodle Leads to Great ROI:

About 83 percent of businesses say that video offers the best returns on investments. Even if video creation is neither the cheapest nor the simplest task, it really pays off on a great scale.

Furthermore, with Doodles, you can create a series of videos targeting every category, feature, buyer persona which in turn can drive more sales and increase the overall ROI. Doodle videos can be promoted across platforms: Social Media, WhatsApp, Website, Email, and so on, thus one need not incur additional expenses on creating channel-specific videos. Focusing on the content can help you stir conversations with your customers across promotional channels. Research shows that customers do not respond to product communication that is unclear or unappealing. Doodles can help you overcome these barriers.

Video Boosts Social Shares:

To begin with, social media sites encourage video content. Most of the major sites keep adding features that support video content. For example, Facebook added Live Video and 3600 Video. Twitter launched Periscope, while YouTube is ranked second in the world.

If social media users find your video entertaining, they will share it within their network. So, as a marketer, creating animated doodle videos can give you a chance to gain virality for the brand you seek. The more social shares your video receives, the higher the chances of more web traffic, increased sales, and improved ROI.

Outsourcing Doodle Video Making Can Generate Greater Returns

It could feel easy to invest in tools or software and build videos by oneself, but the reality is far! Creating video on software requires additional investment in resources and infrastructure to support the software. Getting a perfect desirable animated Doodle video that the audience will appreciate, can take days, months, and even years, costing time and money. Thus, it would be best if one focuses on their core business skills than undertaking Doodle development creation in-house.

Other than saving cost and time, there are umpteen reasons for outsourcing Doodle creation and marketing to professionals. Let’s take a look at some of these:

  • Creates consumer-driven videos
  • Guarantees quality output
  • Centered around the latest video trends
  • Gets professional perspective
  • Incorporate scale in video corporation

Doodle Video Development Tips for Startups

Video content is crucial in your marketing campaign. You will enjoy improved conversions & sales, ROI, web traffic, and more social media shares, as revealed above. Here are a few tips to help you start using doodle videos to create engaging content for your brand:

  • Identify your firm’s marketing needs
  • Hire the right partner that can meet your needs
  • Make sure you consider selection factors such as past clients, past projects, production equipment, staff, experience, pricing structure, and communication.
  • Send a review task and make sure you take a look at it once they are done
  • Consider holding a meeting before assigning the contract

In A Nutshell

Doodle content is growing in its significance. Many big and small businesses are now deploying video content for marketing purposes. You, too, can achieve great business milestones with the help of engaging Doodle videos from experts. Thus, if you desire increased web traffic, improved returns on investments, increased social media engagement, and much more, you should begin using doodle videos.

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