How Doodle Videos Can Help You Achieve Your Brand Objectives?

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Most enterprises are now leveraging the effectiveness of marketing videos to outsmart their competitors. With eye-catching and simple videos, one can capture the attention of the audience better and effectively. However, if you have just embarked upon the video marketing journey, you may not be sure which video is appropriate for your brand and the objectives.

Doodles can be a good source to create engaging stories for your brand. These doddle videos are different from the usual videos, and that gives you an edge over the competition. This article tells you more about such videos- what they are and how they can be important to your enterprise.

What Are Doodle Videos?

Doodle videos are explainer videos mostly utilized by marketers to sell a service or even a product. They can also be used to describe a system and are ideal for communicating typically complex ideas.  They capture the consumers’ attention and help in increasing retention for your listeners.

Why use Whiteboard Animation Videos?

Whiteboard animation videos are mostly used to deliver information about a product, system, or service in a concise and clear manner. The main objective of the video is to make a complicated idea easy to comprehend.

Did you know that 81% of businesses use videos to augment their business marketing strategies? So, if you are not developing these videos as part of your marketing mix, you are missing cost-effective ways to connect with your customers

As the saying goes, numbers don’t lie;

If you are yet to be convinced why you need these videos, here are more reasons;

It would be best if you grabbed the attention of another enterprise

Whiteboard animation videos are equally effective as a B2B marketing campaign. And the whiteboard videos feel and look appealing more to the corporate world. These videos can help in generating conversations with your prospect by creating an alluring sales pitch.. You are more likely to win a contract with another business if you approach them with an interesting doodle video.

It helps you save cost

With whiteboard videos, you do not have to hire actors to perform in your marketing videos. Thus, these types of videos save you money, provide you with variety, and even save time. In most cases, good actors are not easy to come by. And if that is the case, you better opt for doodle videos since you will need a few minutes to create them at a minimal cost.

They are good for social media

If you plan to engage social media platforms in your marketing, you should consider the use of doodle videos. You can use social media ads, and YouTube ads created using the doddle formats. They will be more effective than any other type of video out there. The fact is that people enjoy doodle videos because they are often short and interesting. Thus, you will get more clicks and views.

Tips for Effective Whiteboard Animation Videos

  1.  Always begin with a video script
  2.  Ensure you include some features that increase brand awareness
  3.  It would help if you always made the target audience feel more connected to the brand you are promoting
  4.  The videos should be short and sweet
  5.  Focus on creating high-quality doodle videos

How to create Whiteboard Animation Videos for Your Business

This is how to create an interesting whiteboard animation video for our small or even big business;

Add a story

Adding a compelling story to your video gives it the best quality. The story is simply the heart of the entire video. If you create a video without an interesting story, you will not get many clicks.

Experiment with varying background styles

With the new Doodle Software, you can do much more than traditional whiteboard animation format. One can create videos in black, green, or any color suited to your brand’s color palette that enhances the visibility of your logo. Coupled with interesting visuals and a compelling storyline, colored background videos can create disruption for your brand.

Add animated characters

The character’s animation is the key feature that makes the video more enjoyable. Thus, you should always select animated characters that are relevant to the compelling story.

Always include the drawing hand

The drawing hand in whiteboard animation videos play a major role in convincing people to take action. If you have a compelling story but lack the drawing hand, even your strong call-to-action may not bear any clicks. People feel more connected to what the video is talking about if they can see the drawing hand.

Insert emotions

Add some emotional lines to your whiteboard animation video. You should, however, add emotions according to the nature of your video and the target audience. The emotions could be empathetic, fun, happy, and so on. Keep the emotions up to the end of the video because it will help in convincing the audience to take action.

Include suspense

If you keep your audience wondering or asking themselves, what happened next, you are achieving the objective. You can add suspense by drawing some continuous interconnected characters. You will keep the audience anticipating the next move in the video.

Hire professionals

If you are new to whiteboard animation videos, you should consider seeking professional help. It would be best if you did not always try to create the videos on your own and still handle some other business issues. If the skilled personnel is not involved in developing these Doodle Videos for your brand, it can affect the quality and hamper your video marketing objective. The low-quality video can damage the image of your brand. Thus, you should opt for professionals who can create Doodle Videos with minimum cost. There are experts out there who can help you with the creation of whiteboard animation videos at a fee.


A whiteboard animation video is a great idea for marketing your business. Make an interesting video adhering to the tips shared in this article. Embed these videos as part of your video marketing mix and watch your brand awareness soar. Consider working with professional whiteboard animation studios to help in the video development process.

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