How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Short Video Content!

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Google research reveals that 55 percent of consumers make a purchase decision after watching videos. Typically, these videos are short, intended to capture their attention, share the brand message and entice the audience in a few seconds, if not in minutes.

According to another research, about eight out of ten buyers purchased an item after watching it on a video. Small businesses scout for ways in which consumers can be moved across the funnel towards a purchase within the minimum budget. Short videos are inexpensive, can cover a wide range of objectives, and can be promoted across multiple platforms. Investing in short video creation can be beneficial for small businesses.

Benefits of using short video content

Small businesses still wondering if video content can be advantageous or not for the company can take a leaf from the following list:

Increased Brand Exposure

The statistics show that small businesses’ target audience could be watching more videos every day. For example:

  • People watch more than 4 billion YouTube videos each day
  • Ninety-two percent of B2B prospects watch online videos

Search engines love short video

The giant search engines make tweaks to improve algorithms that showcase particular sites higher than others. These tweaks put a priority on video content to make sure that any video content ranks high on SERPs. Thus, if the firm embeds short videos on the company’s website homepage, post on social media pages, or upload them on the blog, the probability of engaging with the target audience increases. Short video content raises the discovery chances of your product when they search for relevant information.

Convey a huge amount of information in seconds or even minutes

A short video can have a length of thirty seconds to ten minutes. Within this time, startups can share a huge amount of information that could be hard to convey in the same period via text format. Remember, video content engages more to the consumers’ senses. Thus, it is suitable for conveying more information because it shows and tells the story at the same time.

Short Video ads convert sales

If the brand is a startup in eCommerce, then the brand can seek greater returns by using short videos on the product descriptions. Shoppable video is starting to show higher conversion and click-through rates than those of display ads (Source: Wordstream)

Short Videos do well among mobile phone users

The number of mobile phone users goes up every day. In addition, people love watching videos on their mobile devices when going to work, office, coffee shop, or commuting back home.

Typically, most of the videos are not longer than ten minutes. That is why they like watching several videos, and if your video is short, they will definitely watch it. This is because short videos are easy and quick to consume while they commute or wait in queues. Most users may even skip videos that are longer. Thus, it would help if startups only focus on creating short videos. Ideally, create videos are two, three, five, or seven minute-videos.

Challenges while creating short video content

These are the common challenges of short video creation:

Failure to capture the interest of your audience

Your short video must possess an opening hook that will keep the viewer glued to the screen of their devices. Just like how a catchy headline helps capture the reader’s interest in an article, your video has to make the viewer want to watch until the end.

Since small businesses only have a few moments to grasp the attention of the target audience, they should include a compelling hook in their short video. For example, startups can use questions at the beginning of the video.

Less Branding Elements

If a consumer watches a commercial video, they should be able to recall the brand name. Thus, startups should create videos that compellingly portray the message but never forget to include the brand in a way that will be easy to recall.

For example, small enterprises can include the URL of their commercial website and the logo of the business. It will be easy to associate the products with the brand name and the logo.

Lack of an appropriate CTA

A short video must never lack a call to action. It should be clear on what you want to achieve with the video. For example, you may want them to subscribe to a newsletter, buy a service or a product, or even share the video with their friends and family.

If you do not have a clear CTA in your video, the viewers might even leave your site and go to your competitor’s website. Sadly, they may never come back to your website.

Empaneling experts for short video creation

If the firm does not have a skilled video creator, they should hire experts for video marketing. Many business owners may think that video production is just a DIY thing, but short videos involve much more than they think. There is no need to create a short video that lacks all aspects of a good marketing video.

Video creation experts are skilled in creating the story, shooting the video, and editing it. Video creators also have in-house footage stock that can match the brand’s objectives. And these are the reasons for outsourcing your short video creation project:

  1. Saves business owners time
  2. Assures quality output
  3. Gives an edge over the competition
  4. Creates consumer appealing videos
  5. Saves money


Short videos are great since they convey the message in a few moments, can be easily shared on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., and are loved by search engines. Most of your target internet users like watching videos. Thus, create short videos that are stunning and informative. Eventually, the content will rank high on search engines and increase conversions. It is even better if startups hire experts to create and distribute short videos for your business. This will save time, money, and rest assured of quality videos that will outrank your competitors’ content.

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