How Social Media can benefit your Search Engine Ranking?

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In an age where businesses’ function and grow online, their Social media and Search Engine presence is as important as their physical existence. Does Social media popularity translate to Search Engine Ranking? While some research denies any direct co-relation between Social media and Search engine ranking, others debate that an elevated presence on Social media can actually be beneficial for the Search Engine Ranking. Let us delve a little deeper into the social media and SEO relationship and explore how social media shares impact SEO or improve SEO ranking.

The effect of Social media on SEO cannot be summed up with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. However, with some well-thought-out strategies’ Social media posting, and popularity can enhance SEO ratings. Here are some tips on how Social media success can accelerate SEO ranking.

  • Posting useful content on social media. Eye-catchy, creative and meaningful content that generates interest, garners like, and social shares can gain traction, increase the impact of your content, and result in building backlinks that can ultimately improve your SEO score. If the post is receiving likes and comments make sure you drive more engagement to your post by replying to the comments. Your responses will help social media algorithms recognize that the account is active; the content is relevant, that can result in increasing its potential reach.
  • Optimize Your Social Media Profiles. Your personal profile and your business profile should identify you and your brand image. Remember this is the key point from where you start your social media journey. Every post or article that gains acceptance can drive back the traffic to your profile for a re-check. An interesting profile full of information will not only build on trust but also lead to more organic traffic to the site thereby helping in, Google search ranking.
  • Among the millions of blog posts, tweets sent out everyday information that is relevant and offers a meaningful insight helps social media profiles rank in search results and gain a follower base resulting in driving organic traffic to the website, thereby helping in Search engine ranking. Keeping an eye open for fresh news items, latest updates and posting them in accordance with relevance can go a long way in ensuring views and shares on your social handles.
  • Viral Articles or posts can impact SEO Ranking. If an article gets viral, it certainly makes a huge impact on SEO ranking. Viral posts lead to social shares and popularity for the content owner and website. Matt Woodward published an article that went viral on social media. The post literally skyrocketed on Facebook and showed the following figures: users shared the content over 31,500 times, generating more than 68,000 likes, and over 34,280 comments.
  • Links from social media can help Google with the indexation of your blog/post. If your post or blog contains credible content, chances are high that it will be indexed by Google. By indexing, Google accepts your post or article as relevant and this indirectly helps in enhancing your search engine optimization.
  • The Skyscraper Technique is a technique by which content strategy is formulated to ensure that your articles perform better and outrank competitors in your field. The intention is to create blog posts that comes with more value to the reader and offers keyword variations that rank well in search engines. This technique serves well in terms of attracting audiences and marketers who had already seen a similar post and have benefited from the same. The assured reach, authority, and success of the post can translate into social shares and boost Search engine ranking. The content created should ideally be able to maintain different searchable keywords and attract quality backlinks. The 3 easy steps to execute the Skyscraper technique is:
    • Search for a blog post that performs well on search with a considerable amount of backlinks
    • Create content that is similar to the original but better in terms of length, thoroughness, and more up to date
    • Find marketers who linked to the original piece of content and reach out to them to link to your updated version.

Now that we have established that Social media does impact SEO to some extent, let us look at the best platforms for promoting brands in Social media keeping Google ranking factors in mind.


With more than 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook leads the way as #1 social media platform in the world. If you are trying to make your presence felt on the social media platform, this is the place to be. A post of substantial merit can garner substantial amounts of likes and shares and can enhance your Google search ranking through social shares and signals.


If not in terms of volume and traffic you can count on LinkedIn for B2B interactions. LinkedIn is the content marketing hub of 94% of B2B marketers. And almost 90% of marketers are using the platform for lead generation. So, if you are looking to drive some niche business traffic to your site and improve SEO, LinkedIn is the place to be seen and heard.


If you have been posting great content on your website but not being able to reach out to the target audience, Medium is the place to post all your blogs, articles, personal stories, even repurposed content. Several Medium articles are taking the top spot-on Google SERPs even for competitive keywords with high search volume. The site commands authority with audience researching good content. So, if you are unable to rank your pages, take advantage of Medium’s audience of almost 154M unique visitors a month.


Twitter is an effective social media platform for SEO. The more engaging content you post on the platform the more social signals you can expect to garner that will in turn help your website ranking on SERPs. Twitter lets you share your posts to reach out to a larger audience. Adding relevant hashtags and posting quality content can go a long way in building your brand visibility and image on the platform at the same time increasing traffic to your website.


Pinterest is an ideal medium for boosting SEO. More than 416 million people visit Pinterest each month to explore and categorize ideas and interests. Pinterest doubles as a social media platform as well as a Search engine. With 72% Pinterest users taking an active interest to shop from the site, 70% discovering new products on Pinterest and 90% Pinterest claiming to decide what to buy from the site, Pinterest has become a leading source of social revenue for many companies, especially e-commerce. With such impressive numbers a good profile on the site can definitely generate traffic to the website and boost Google search rankings.



Social media and Search engine optimization may not be directly linked to each other, but they certainly work hand-in-hand to help you achieve your marketing goals. With the right strategy in place and some skilfully created content you can cement your success on the social media platforms. Making an impact on the Search engine or achieving Search engine ranking goals is not any easy task, consistency along with SEO best practices and your social media success can certainly give the process a shot in the arm helping you attain the desired SEO ranking.

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