In the past 12 months, social media usage has witnessed a surge. An additional 521 million users have joined various popular social media platforms. Annually, social media grows at the rate of 13.7 percent, with 16 new users joining it or the other platforms every second. Thus, the majority of the world population is on various social media platforms.

Startups, small businesses, and even SMEs are leveraging social media in the most lucrative manner to expand and grow their business. Most such businesses utilize proven social media marketing strategies to engage with customers, build their client base, and increase brand awareness. Researchers found out that social media marketing for startups helps in increasing inbound website traffic. But if you are yet to learn the various benefits of using social media as a marketing tool, take a keen look at this section.

Benefits of Social Media for startups

The following are the various benefits of social media marketing that you should leverage:

Instant Feedback

Social media makes it easy for the customer to share their genuine feedback. Though the feedback may be positive or negative, they give valuable insights on how they perceive the enterprise and its products or services. In most cases, if a firm wants to launch a new product, it can use social media as its main tool. Using the various sites, they can measure how the audience identifies with the new product.

Besides, social media helps firms glean insights into the evolving needs of the consumers. This allows them to better cater to the customers as per their tastes, needs, and preferences. Lastly, as a business, you can even earn a new business idea from the feedback given by the audience. Thus, you should create time to go through or simply evaluate the feedback from various consumers of your products or services.

Improves web traffic and Site Rankings

Web traffic is crucial in measuring the awareness of a brand. The more new audiences visit your site, the higher the site’s chances of getting ranked on search engines. Google prefers websites that visitors like visiting and spending more time there. If many people interact with your products or services on social media, a considerable percentage of the audience will visit your website.

This reiterates that business content should be shared on social media to increase the brand’s visibility across the probable customer base.

With increasing visits, the search rankings will improve. Using consumer-centric keywords in the title and subheadings can increase clicks from the search engine and boost SEO scores.

How Startups can utilize social media?

There are different social media sites to select from. However, it is not an easy task to come up with the right platform for your startup. You should select the sites that are mostly used and are popular amongst your target audience. Most social media management experts reveal that 90 percent of their marketing efforts resulted in more business exposure.

To get it right from the initial steps, begin by finding out where most of your target customers spend their online time. If they are on Facebook, you can set up a proven Facebook strategy to reach them. Facebook can even help you narrow down your audience, estimate the size, and help you reach them through their premium programs. Here are some of the social media platforms that you can try.


Facebook enjoys a 2 billion monthly active use by various audiences. Facebook is ideal when you want to generate leads for your site. Additionally, you can use it to target a specific audience. Startups can use Facebook to build long-lasting relationships. Besides, Facebook can be used to turn leads into customers and followers too.


Twitter can help startups achieve their marketing objectives quickly. You can elevate your business easily if you constantly share announcements, crucial messages, breaking news, and new products with your Twitter followers. You can create short and sweet content on Twitter and include GIFs, pictures, and videos.


LinkedIn is mostly considered ideal for B2B enterprises. It is a professional site that you can link up with other businesses. It can help build authority in your niche, establish your brand as a trusted dealer and engage potential leads through active conversations.


You can use this platform to engage your followers and customers through creative post content—most of the audience on this site range from age 15 to about 35. You can share Instagram stories with your audience.

Besides, you can use Hashtags to make it easy for your target audience to find your products and services page. You can also engage Instagram influencers to increase your reach within your potential customers.

Why should you outsource your social media marketing to small agencies?

You should engage small agencies to help with social media management. They have professionals who can create a personalized social media strategy and execute the same to drive positive results, even at a shoestring budget.

Here are some reasons why outsourcing is a bright idea:

  • It saves time that you can dedicate to growing your business
  • They can offer efficient management.
  • Earns you access to experts in the social media marketing field
  • It helps in creating interaction with new customers
  • Provides exposure to the agency’s technological expertise.
  • Their packages provide you with multifold objectives of building digital authority, increasing leads, driving conversions, and building influential relationships.
  • Gets you an extended arm that can be used to solve your marketing problems


Social media marketing for startups is a proven way to increase traffic, build trust, and create brand awareness. Thus, you should have a social media strategy that uses various social media platforms to achieve your marketing objectives. Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Instagram are great and can help you reach audiences you would never have without them. Besides, you can outsource the social media marketing campaign to small agencies. They can help you achieve all your startup marketing objectives without spending too much on the campaigns.

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