How to Become a YouTube Influencer?

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A YouTube influencer is a video content creator who has gained a large following on the platform. This YouTube influencer can set trends on YouTube. They offer information for anyone looking to buy a particular product or service. The most popular YouTubers are fashion influencers, performers, and makeup artists. Creating unique videos allows them to reveal and share their skills. They are trendsetters, inspiration to millions of audiences, and hence are able to command revenues from YouTube video marketing. Additionally, they can market a company’s products or services to their audience for a considerable amount.

Statistics on YouTube Influence

Benefits of YouTube Influencer

There are many benefits of partnering with YouTube influencers. Here are some of those benefits:

Social media savvy

YouTube influencers have deep knowledge of how the platform’s algorithms work. They can take your brand beyond YouTube to Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. They know how to promote your product or services on various social media channels apart from their primary platform- YouTube.

Influencers Understand Their Followers

YouTube influencers know more about their followers. Understanding their audience is the main reason for their success. Thus, they know your target audience more than you. They know the best time to post and what kind of content will capture their followers’ attention.

They can Help You Establish Lasting Connections

The use of influencers is a safe option for small businesses and new startups. If you use an influencer, they can help in establishing and leading the connection. With their help, you can find other startups to work jointly on various strategies for your marketing campaign.

YouTube Influencers Can Get You the Traffic

Attracting more potential customers to your new or even established business is an endless task. Indeed, this is one of the main benefits of leveraging YouTube’s influence created by YouTube stars. They can help you attract customers from YouTube plus other social media platforms.

Their Efforts Impact your SEO Ranking

Influencers have a direct impact on your SEO ranking. The moment an influencer mentions or endorses your products or services on their blogs, it produces quality backlinks to your business website. Consequently, they help in improving your SEO ranking.

How to become a YouTube influencer?

If you want to become a YouTube influencer, follow these guidelines to the latter:

  • Create A YouTube Account and Channel

If you intend to join the YouTube influencer marketing community, you must begin by creating your account on YouTube, followed by a channel where you will be uploading the videos. Create a channel that has a nice name that people will love to be associated with. The name of your YouTube channel should be memorable and relevant to your brand. However, the name should not be complicated. It should be easily searchable on YouTube or even Google. It must not be similar to any other channel name on the video platform.

  • Build your online brand

You should determine your online brand before even shooting your first video. You cannot appeal to everyone who uses YouTube. Thus, you must think about narrowing down your audience on this platform. Do not be a generalist because you will end up appealing to no one. Make sure you opt for a niche that interests you and where your knowledge depth lies.

  • Shoot your first video

Now that you have figured out your online brand, it is time to make your first video. In this stage, you will require video shooting equipment. But you should not fret if you do not have the most expensive video shooting machines out there. You can even create your first video using your smartphone.

But the type of equipment to use depends on the type of content you intend to create. For example, if you create a cooking video, you may not require the same type and quality of equipment as someone who wants to shoot a short film or a full-fledged web series.

  • Attract subscribers

Think about how you can get your first 100 subscribers to your YouTube channel. The number one tactic is to upload unique videos. Good content always catches audiences’ attention, and most of them who will like your new content will subscribe. Also, make sure your video has quality thumbnails. If the thumbnails of your YouTube video are boring, no one will even click to watch. Lastly, you can create a trailer for your YouTube channel. YouTube sets this trailer to play when a non-subscriber visits your channel.

  • Understand YouTube’s algorithm

Your videos should be easy to find on YouTube. Key ranking aspects are determiners of the performance of your video on YouTube. Things like video resolution, likes, number of comments, and the length of your video are some of the key ranking factors that you should work on. Adding keywords that resonate with your video can help your potential target audience view your video while they search these keywords. It would also help if you boosted your ranking to help you get to the top of the algorithm and get more organic views.

  • Link your channel to other social media pages to attract more viewers and subscribers

To get more views on your videos, you can share the videos widely on various social media platforms. Besides, establish authority in your niche by making sure all your social media platforms promote your specific brand. For example, if you are a comedian on YouTube, that should remain the same as all other platforms. In short, you should maintain uniformity across the various platforms to rise to the ranks of a YouTube influencer.


YouTube influencer marketing is the best way to attract potential customers and lead your business. Thus, if you intend to boost your business, consider partnering with influencers since they are social media savvy, understand their followers, can help you establish connections, increase brand awareness, improve your website’s SEO ranking, and much more. Besides, you can become a YouTube influencer by adhering to the handy tips shared in this article.


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