How to Use Video in Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

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The rise of digital mediums like social media, SEO, blogs, search engines, mobile and videos have led to a shift in the consumers mindset. This has resulted in businesses moving away from traditional marketing where product was pushed towards the consumer to a conversational-led inbound marketing. For businesses who have invested in inbound marketing, leads generated through inbound marketing cost 61% less than outbound leads.

Inbound video marketing has paved the way for another reinvention of marketing. Earlier days video was expensive and hence inaccessible to most small and medium businesses. With the readily available and easy-to-use software, videos have become comparatively more accessible and cheaper than before. Research showed 50% users preferred to engage with videos on social media. As a result, inbound video marketing is a popular form amongst the modern marketers today. Video formats like simple presentation, ads and explainer videos are steering the wheel of inbound video marketing. Read on to see how you can adopt inbound video marketing and expand your marketing strategy.

Ways to Use Video in an Inbound Content Marketing Strategy


Ranking organic for the keywords is the goal of the marketer. As the video content consumption increases, Google algorithm updated to show feature snippets in results. This shows that incorporating videos on website not only engages the user, generates social shares but also impacts search engine results.

Creating videos gives brands another chance to host their message on sites like YouTube led by keyword research. With YouTube being the second largest search engine, brands can amplify their reach by incorporating inbound videos. Including website or blog links to the video generates traffic to your brand asset and builds awareness. Selecting the right keywords while uploading YouTube videos helps your video to feature when a user searches for the keyword on the platform. Writing lengthy descriptions including the keywords, social media handles can benefit the other social channel reach as well.

Nurturing Leads

Inbound videos can be created for different stages in a buyer’s journey. Building a library of videos that include how-to, instructional, educational, Q&A, testimonials, product demos, FAQs, interview and promotional can address the problem of the user and increase brand consideration. By investing in creating personalized videos for a target audience, brands can influence the buying cycle.

Landing Page Conversions

Incorporating video on landing pages increases conversion rates by 86%. Videos make it easy for audiences to retain the message thus increasing the average time spent on the page. Increased time spent can boost generation of leads which in turn drives the conversion rates. Building inbound videos addressing the problem with a solution for the target audience with contrasting CTA can help in providing concrete results for A/B testing of the landing pages.

Virtual Events

The onset of pandemic has led to rise of virtual events. The share of virtual events is expected to rise to 40% by 2022. Engaging the target audience throughout the live virtual event is a task. Brands are investing in creating inbound videos that promote the event topic or partnering with the speaker creating event related videos and building brand recall during the event.

Domain Expertise

Building inbound videos with the employees highlighting the domain knowledge can help in establishing credibility for brands. B2B marketers can benefit from this approach as they build a sales pipeline incorporating sales-led inbound videos. Repurposing content of blog into domain expertise can drive thought-leadership for the brand.

Email Marketing

Video marketing increase the open rates and click-through rates. Embedding videos uplifts email marketing metrics while capturing the audiences’ attention. Whether video is incorporated at the start, middle or end the impact is certain. As most channels like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft prevent direct embedding of videos you can redirect users to the video using static image or GIF.


Creating vlog in addition to the blog can impact the overall SEO score and boost traffic to the website. The rising popularity of vlog engages users who would listen and then would opt for reading the blog in detail. Brands can contextualize the blogs by including vlogs as part of the blog.

Social Media

The ever-increasing video consumption has led platforms to optimize themselves for video content. Platforms have built-in tools like filters, adding audio, text to facilitate video creators and create more inbound video content. Brands that have adopted videos as part of their outreach strategy witness increased engagement on social media. Videos enable brands to broadcast their message across a wide target audience. Video content generates 48% more views. Publishing videos that cater to specific requirement can steer the conversation with your prospects and boost the conversion rates.

16% of social video viewers use vlogs to research products. Thus, the impact of inbound videos on social media is tremendous. Audiences seek entertaining, educational, real-life videos that inspire them, solve their problem, or convince them to buy the product. All channels have adapted to varying video formats. The trend of short-form videos on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook has created another content creation strategy brands can exploit to garner more engagement via social media.


Inbound video marketing is on the rise. Uplifted social media engagement, improved SEO scores, landing page conversions, increased website, blog, email marketing reach, and enhanced brand awareness are some of the benefits brands can reap when using inbound video. Mediums like social media, search engine, blogs, websites, newsletters, emails and even events can be a platform to publish video content. Leveraging various video formats like explainers, animation, social media videos.

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