How Video Marketing Can Strengthen Your Brand?

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Video marketing is simply the use of video content to boost a brand’s online profile. Such videos are published on either YouTube or social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok, and Instagram. If well done, video production can be a great way for any brand to spread its marketing message in a manner that is easily accessible to a substantial audience. A Video strategy works for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Statistics on the video marketing

Marketers and businesses admitted that videos are resulting in more engagement and improved ROI to them. According to research, videos helped businesses achieve the following:

  • 54 percent of users made more sales than ever
  • 69 percent of the users earned more leads from the marketing videos
  • 78 percent of the users attracted more traffic to the websites
  • 71 percent of users experienced an increase in time spent on their website

Advancements in technology have made it easy to watch videos online. Besides, it is even easier for businesses to do video creation for their business using various free online tools to edit and publish. Many people are watching YouTube videos every day. As per statistics, YouTube is the best platform for videos. Thus, businesses can leverage digital storytelling without having to spend much on the entire marketing process.

Stats show that 1 billion hours of video content is watched over YouTube daily. YouTube attracts about 44 % of all internet users. Its monthly active users have surpassed the 2 billion mark.


  • YouTube blog revealed that the platform receives over a billion hours of watch time daily
  • Twitter enjoys over 2 billion video views every day. Besides, any tweet with a video gets a 10 x engagement rate than those without
  • Digiday reported that Facebook gets 8+ billion video views every day

Thus, if you have not started video creation for your business, you are missing out big.

Benefits of Video marketing for brands:

Video Raises Conversions and Sales

Videos can enhance conversions for your business. To achieve that, you should add a product video to your landing page. This strategy can boost conversion by80%. Besides, videos can result in more direct sales. Research shows that 74 percent of users who come across an explainer video and watch it end up buying the product or the service. Thus, you would leverage this trend if you start video production for your products or services.

Videos increases ROI

Truly, video marketing has been proven to increase ROI. 83% of businesses that use video content say that video is a great way to boost ROI. Although video production is not always an easy task, it pays to have exciting videos created for your products and services. Besides, there are many easy-to-use online video editing tools-free and premium ones that make the entire process more affordable. Fortunately, you can even use your smartphone to create nice videos and publish them on various platforms to attract an audience.

Google Loves Videos

Google loves any content that makes visitors spend more time on your website. Thus, visitors will spend more time watching them if you upload more exciting videos on your website. Consequently, google algorithms will automatically mark your site as important. Moovly reveals the most exciting statistics that you have 53X chances of showing up first on SERPs if you have videos on your platform. Google now owns YouTube. Thus, you can leverage the increased impact of videos if you use videos on your website.

Videos help with branding and building trust

Video can offer a personal, holistic, and engaging link faster than with copy. However, these two should be used together to present your website as knowledgeable, helpful, and human. Video development can help you reveal your authority in your niche, and customers will trust your products and services.

Brand Exposure

Search, and sharing have greatly impacted video content strategies. Video now constitutes 70% of the search results listings. YouTube is the second most-watched video platform in many states. Thus, if you want more exposure, you should utilize a video strategy that works.

Help in Improving SEO

Search engines love content that will engage all viewers. And video is one of the great ways to keep viewers glued to the screen. Videos attract more viewers, and if it is exciting, they spend more time on your site. If you perform SEO for your videos, you will get more visitors driven to your site by the exciting videos shared on social media platforms, YouTube, and found on your website.

Should you have a video marketing strategy?

Yes, it would help if you came up with a proven video strategy to attract, convert, close and delight your customers. You can use videos on social media, webinars, live stream videos, sales videos, product and service videos to engage your audience. Thus, you can use inbound marketing to educate your audience and give them insights into their pains, possible gains, and solutions through quality video development. This type of marketing involves the following stages;

  • Attract-you have to grab the attention of your audiences
  • Convert- you have to convert the leads into buyers, followers, or subscribers
  • Close-you must be able to convince the leads to buy your products and services
  • Delight- you should be able to keep your customers happy, informed and make them product evangelists

How outsourcing can help in achieving video marketing objectives for brands?

Outsourcing video marketing gives you more time to focus on other core business tasks, provides staffing flexibility, and promotes growth in your business. It also maintains operational control, offers time and space to develop internal staff, offers continuity and risk management, and lowers costs.


Video marketing is indeed one of the best ways to boost ROI, improve the ranking of your website, increase brand exposure, boost conversion and sales and increase your chances of getting high ranks of search results. Thus, consider video creation to reach out to more audiences on YouTube and social media platforms.


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