How Videos Can Build Customer Relationships

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Customer experience is indeed at the core of all modern enterprises. Whether you run a business in the B2B or B2C space, firms with the right customer relationships experience more robust growth. In fact, according to research, 86 per cent of buyers are ready to pay more for a better customer experience.

Indeed, we may not deny that phone calls and emails follow-ups still play a significant role. However, it is evident that video is playing a pivotal role as a content marketing asset. Indeed, brands can even tap into the potential of video channels such as TikTok and YouTube. Note that a video is said to be worth 1.8 million words.

Beyond building awareness and consideration, video marketing can also be utilized to develop and nurture customer relationships. Well-defined videos connect with the audience and guide them further along the sales cycle. Thus, businesses should consider using videos to foster strong customer relationships. Here are the top tips that show how can videos build customer relationships:

Incorporating video in your customer journey

Business owners can use video to keep your target audience actively engaged and educated, as they move through their customer journey. Deploying videos at varying sales touchpoints across the sales funnel can help create a positive association with the brand and build the foundation stage for a long-term customer relationship.

Sales funnels have multiple stages with varying touchpoints. At each stage, brands can plan how video content can match the needs of the customer. For instance, suppose the potential customer is at the conversion stage. In that case, you can tailor the videos for product demos and customer testimonials that highlight the benefits the product or services brings in the life of the user.

Complimenting the blogs, emails and even newsletters with videos is a promising idea to increase the engagement of these assets. Inclusion of video maximizes the impact of the other assets. Thus, efficient video marketing can help brands maintain a steady customer flow. Remember that customers retain about 80 per cent of what they see or watch versus 30 per cent of what they will read on the blogs and email newsletters. Generally, the video content is more memorable. That is why, videos build customer relationships and can help encourage potential customers to keep visiting your business.

Ensure customer support videos are tailored

Did you know that one of the best tactics to make your customer feel special and understood is the use of personalized videos while providing customer support? When problems show up, personalized videos can prove to be valuable.

Indeed, it is normal to face hurdles while using a particular product or service. These are regular occurrences, and the business must find a way to serve all customers and offer a response to their problems. Brands can also use this opportunity to create a more personalized experience by including videos that provide after-sales support and thereby generate a positive bond with the customers.

Utilize user-generated videos to boost customer loyalty

Customers are delighted to be a part of a brands journey. One of the ways of accelerating brand loyalty is by including the customers voice in the business marketing. Brands can give them an opportunity to create videos while they use the product or service or generate videos that complement the features of the product or service. User-generated videos are ideal of capturing trendy shifts, increasing the reach within the customers network, and fostering the loyalty ties with the customer.

Brands can also incorporate customer feedback on the type of video content they would like to consume. Formats such polls, emails are popular to identify what the customers desire from the brand. Do share the results of this exercise to make them feel their inputs are valuable.

Building a pipeline with regular video posting schedule

Many businesses operate content planning and scheduling daily by cutting corners on the quality. However, this approach will often offer huge challenges in case of videos. Video content needs to be planned, scheduled, and created in advance to hit the right objective.

Thus, it would be best if you came up with a good schedule for posting videos. This will help your audience to know what they are expecting. Let your audience know that you will have a new video every week or after a particular period. It can be after every two days, a week or even two weeks.

Host live videos

Live videos are great because they offer direct communication with your customers. These videos make it easy for your customers to witness your brand operating in real-time. Ideally, hosting live videos for events, webinars, or even Q&A sessions can help build credibility for the brand.

Customers are more engaged in a live video as they can raise their opinion and clarify their doubts over a product. Thus, you are sharing it from your expertise and experience. Hosting live videos with a thought-leader from the industry or an existing customer, can go a long way in establishing a credible customer relationship. Thus, consider incorporating live videos in your video schedule so that your target audience can always be alert when you go live.

How can videos strike an emotional connection with the audience?

Do you know why brands are becoming more emotional in their marketing videos? This is because they have found out that emotions trigger action. Besides, it has been established that emotional ads are way better than ads containing rational content.

You can use a storytelling approach to drive emotions in your videos. The use of such emotions can make the audience notice, share, remember, and buy. Indeed, emotional marketing is known to tap into a singular emotion such as anger, fear, happiness, or even sadness that is aimed at igniting customer response. Videos complement the emotional storytelling far better compared to any other content marketing asset. Thus, videos build customer relationships.


Brands can improve customer satisfaction. They can use video content to help improve customer relationships. This can be achieved by producing a schedule for posting videos, hosting live videos, use of user-generated video content, and using video as part of the customer journey. Brands can create engaging campaigns when they realize the capacity of a video to connect and capture an emotion that will directly speak to the target. Lastly, use video to drive customer satisfaction as you work on improved customer relationship management.

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