Social Media Video Strategy for Different Platforms

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Social media is constantly changing how people communicate and consume information. Many successful marketers deliver top-notch content through various social media channels. However, with all the content published on these social media sites, videos account for 82 percent of the total consumer internet traffic. Thus, you should include video content creation as a part of your social media marketing strategy. Besides social media videos can guide your users into the next buying cycle.

The video should therefore be a pivotal element of your strategy. Here are further stats showing the impact of video marketing on a brand’s marketing strategy:

As we have established how important social media videos are for brands, here’s a list of tips to create impactful videos.

How Social Media Video Differs Based on Network


YouTube is the second-most popular search engine with over 1 Billion hours of video being consumed on the platform every day. The platform is a key medium of discovery, where 90% of people say they discover new brands or products on YouTube.

To get the most out of YouTube, a featured video should be added to the YouTube Brand Channel to describe the purpose of the entire channel. In addition, the videos should be organized in playlists. That way, viewers can watch more videos on your YouTube brand channel. While uploading a video, a creative title, description of the video, and tags are key to ensure visibility of the video.


  • You should upload webinars, demos, how-to videos, and product descriptions on the brand’s YouTube channel
  • The live stream feature should be used to launch brand announcements and present live interviews
  • You can garner views for the videos via  YouTube ad options like discovery ads, in-stream ads, bumper ads, and out-stream ads


Facebook algorithm displays videos to followers and friends of followers. Unlike YouTube, Facebook users are only interested in entertainment or inspirational content. Emotional videos that display surprising facts, customer stories, unbelievable imagery, and humor elicit responses from the audience.

However, you can use the Facebook live stream feature to grasp the attention of your audience. Most Facebook users prefer live streams over recorded videos. 85 percent of the audiences watch Facebook videos with the sound off. Thus, the videos should be created to do well even without sound by including captions.


  • You can use the Facebook stories feature to update your audience about upcoming events, product launches, or even media tours
  • You can stream live videos on Facebook and run videos ads on the platform to showcase behind-the-scenes activity or hold educational webinars


Instagram works well with great pictures, infographics, videos, and even GIFs. Thus, text content may not always receive much engagement but visual content will do. Additionally, you can use up to 50 hashtags on your Instagram videos. However, you should include them at the bottom of the post to leave space for the main content.

With Instagram experimenting with video formats like Reels, Shoppable video ads, IGTV; a brand can maximize the exposure of the same video content packaged in different formats. Visually appealing video content goes a long way in driving engagement among followers.


  • Creating videos around product unveil, behind-the-scenes for product usage, client stories, interviews can drive traction for the brand
  • Collaborating with influencers and conducting live shows of product demonstrations can uplift the digital authority of the brand
  • Post product discounts and coupons-it would be nice if you created short videos showcasing items that are currently on offer. In the video, you can reveal the coupon codes for redeeming the offers. You can try this strategy at special times such as Black Friday Sales.
  • Showcase your products in action. For example, if you sell shoes, take shooting a short video of customers, sports personalities, or just the manufacturing process of making this product, makes the product more relatable to your target audience.


LinkedIn the number 1 B2B social media platform, plays a crucial role in influencing the buyer’s decision making. Including videos can get 5X more engagement for the posts, while live videos can generate 24X more engagement. Video content that depicts company culture, customer interviews, career-centric education, upskilling module, product/service-centric are sought after by the users.

LinkedIn videos disappear from the individual’s wall, making it a challenge for competing for visibility. Incorporating hashtags give brands a chance to add organic visibility for their content marketing efforts. Users follow the specific hashtags on the platform and featuring these trending hashtags on the video can go a long way in increasing the video traction. Videos can also be shared with other users via Direct messages.


  • LinkedIn can be used to share, teach, or motivate through interviews posted on LinkedIn feed
  • In addition, you can use the live stream feature to launch Q&A sessions, webinars, courses, or even interviews


Twitter leads the bandwagon when it comes to virality. With hashtags driving the content visibility, videos uploaded with trending hashtags can generate high engagement. Social media videos created for holidays or in-the-moment trending topics or memes perform well on Twitter and drive brand visibility. Short video bytes of 2 minutes created with visually appealing centered objects like people, animals, cars, things drive maximum visibility.


  • Tweeting videos about news, interviews, and virtual events takes can increase engagement
  • Also, run ads on Twitter and use the live stream tool to share product launches, course introductions, office looks, and much more


TikTok garners 1 Million video views every day and hosts the majority of the GenZ audience. Thus, it is crucial for brands looking to target GenZ’s audience to leverage TikTok video marketing. Videos on TikTok need to be short and no longer than 15 seconds.

However, the sound is critical here. Unlike other social media sites, TikTok videos should have sound. Interestingly, you do not require heavy video shooting equipment to succeed on TikTok. You can use your Smartphone to shoot the short clips. However, they must be enticing enough to grab the attention of the followers.


  • Running ads on TikTok is one of the best ways to leverage the potential of the channel
  • Short clips with memes, challenges, dance moves are trending content categories for TikTok

Best Practices for Social Media Video Creation

Consider these best practices for making social media videos;

  • Use native video content

You should upload social media videos directly to your account on the platform. This direct posting is called native video content. But when you post on one site and share it to your social media account, it is not native video content. Posting links is not a good idea, publish the video instead to garner further engagement in the form of video views for the channel.

  • Use emotion & storytelling tact to engage your audience

A compelling social media video should have emotions and an aspect of storytelling. Your audience will find the videos worth watching and the engagement will be higher.

  • Try various types of videos

You should not stick to only one type of social media video. You should try to create different videos otherwise your audience will get bored. You can use stories, explainers, Doodles, scroll stoppers, text animation, promotional, portfolio display and much more.

  • Keep all Videos Short and Sweet

Most social media users prefer short and sweet videos. It is not a good idea to upload videos that are longer than 10, 15, or even 20 minutes. They should be easy to consume and enticing while still offering value to your audience.

How Hiring Video Professional Helps

Hiring social media video professionals has many benefits which include;

  • Helps you achieve goals in less time
  • Saves you time
  • Guarantees quality videos
  • Helps build brand recognition


Social media video is suitable for passing valuable information and educating the consumers. However, each social media platform has unique strategies that you should employ to succeed in social media video marketing. Using the key points shared above on each social media platform and their usage tips, you can achieve your social media goals. You need a social media video guide to create unique videos. Hiring professionals can relieve your pressure and help you create stunning social media videos.

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