Social Media Strategy for Startups to get Noticed

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As a startup owner you have created a great product or service, but that’s not the hard part. The hard part is to convince people why should they care about your business and tell them what it can do for them. This is where social media channels can work wonders for you!

Not only they help you stay connected with your current customers but also allow you to reach out to new customers who might be interested in what you are offering. Social media marketing will lead to better brand recognition and can generate quality leads for implementation in your business strategy. The best part? It’s a cost-effective medium of marketing. Thus, it is not a channel one SHOULD use, it has become a channel that you MUST use. In this writeup we will explore interesting ways to increase a brand’s visibility on social media and converse with their probable customers.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is “the new normal”. Over the last five years, influencer marketing has grown to a $5-$10 billion dollar industry. A data released from Matter Communications revealed that consumers are likely to trust recommendations more from a friend, family member or influencer on social platforms compared to branded recommendations. Put simply, people trust the opinions of their peers and influencers more than ever before – they’re seen as unbiased sources of objective advice and information.
Using influencers could be even more effective than direct advertising because not only are the customers increasing their trust in the influencers, but the platforms also are favoring Creators. Every social media platform is launching a series of features to equip Creators so that they create more content. So, if a startup aims at reaching a customer base that’s targeted, transparent, and determined to choose their own destiny, influencers can help. As a startup you need not worry about the mammoth task of finding and managing influencers on social media. There are influencer marketing platforms where brands can select the influencers basis their niche and begin their campaigns on the platform. With platforms, measuring the effectiveness of influencer marketing becomes easily available on a single click. Additionally, brands can outsource the entire management to professional agencies and sit back and focus on creating products that drive conversations with the target audience.

Personalized stories

Most brand owners prefer their social media pages to be professional than personal and maintain a standard post. However, when it comes to getting the startup noticed on social media, you never know what methods will work. It is here that as a startup owner you can get creative and add personal element to your content marketing strategy. If you are into video driven blog where most of the content is educational in nature, it is important to share your thoughts on how the product will help your prospects in getting the job done. Video is a great tool that helps startups create a more personalized approach while at the same time it offers an efficient communication tool towards their audiences.

Behind-the-scenes videos

People buy from people, and social media lets them get to know your company in an authentic, personable way. Behind-the-scenes videos provide an opportunity for you to show off your office, team, products, or service in a unique way. This type of content often piques the audience’s interest and keeps them coming back for more. BTS videos provide the much-needed humanization to a startup story. It’s a great format for building trust.

Data-rich factsheets

There are tons of blog posts related to research conducted by the industry on the current and future of the industry. What most startups don’t realize is that some of the data points mentioned in these research pieces can be turned into visually appealing infographics. This helps attract a lot of shares and links, thereby amplifying their reach on social media. The best part is that startups don’t have to go out and conduct market research because others have already done it for you. All they have to do is analyse the market research reports and infographics published by blogs and publications, repurpose those topics in their own brand voice and share it on their own social media accounts. This not just helps them stay top of mind with the audience, but also acts as a solid marketing base from where they can build up relationships.

Short-form videos

Individuals are no longer keen to watch lengthy videos. Short attention-grabbing videos are the new trend. Startups can utilize short-form videos to showcase customer reviews, product features, USPs, and promotional video. With Instagram, Facebook and TikTok expanding their features on short-form videos, brands can exploit the trend in their favor. Harping on trending audio tracks, filters, stickers and other inventive methods, startups can create ubiquity for their brand.

User-generated content

In today’s fast-paced, digital marketing world, startups are constantly struggling to find ways to get noticed on social media. With so much competition and only so many hours in the day, customer loyalty with startup brands is a daunting task. User-generated content (UGC) is one way this can be achieved. One of the most successful means to gain traction with a startup brand is through UGC because it’s organic and demonstrates customer satisfaction. Consumers trust recommendations from their peers, which can increase the likelihood of them becoming a loyal customer over time.
There are many ways to execute UGC, including paid strategies such as promoted content, sponsored posts, giveaways, and contests. While these tactics may work for some companies, it’s smart to use organic strategies as well because they result in longer-lasting effects with customers. Organic strategies are essentially word-of-mouth recommendations from individuals who have experience using a product or service first-hand. Additionally, the results of an inexpensive and easy campaign are likely going to outperform more expensive efforts, which is why startups should start with UGC.


Social media is a double-edged sword. It can help build a massive loyalty for the brand in a short time. But at the same time, a small mistake in messaging can create a ripple effect eroding a brand’s equity before even building one! while Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter have all evolved as powerful marketing tools, many companies have failed to develop their presence on these sites – or never took advantage of them to begin with.

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