The Rise of Short form Videos

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If pictures say a thousand words, the magnitude of videos is humungous. Video marketing has been leveraged traditionally for generating awareness, building consideration for videos, and nurturing leads towards conversion. Traditionally video length averaged to 10 minutes for YouTube in order to educate the audience. However, the advent of TikTok has changed the game of video content production. The rise of short form videos (15 seconds to 3 minutes) has made many businesses and social media platforms reimagine their video strategy. The trend that started with TikTok has been followed by Instagram, Facebook, and now YouTube.

As consumers are throttled with the umpteen information on the social media platforms, short form videos provide an easy-access to an engaging information in a short duration of time. Short form videos have helped brands address the need of the declining consumer attention. For younger generation like millennials and Gen-Z short form videos are the primary medium of news consumption. A Wyzowl report mentioned that 69% of the audience preferred to watch a short video to learn about products or services.

Benefits of Short form Video Marketing for Businesses

Video inspires customers to experiment, adopt new product or services and generates returns for brands. Short videos have increasingly attracted the attention of the consumers. 68% of people will happily watch a business video if it is under a minute (Vidyard). Businesses can adopt this trend to their advantage.

Captures the interest of the consumer

With consumers constantly scrolling their social media feeds and being bombarded by visuals, the human attention span is getting shorter. Short form videos empower you to create relatable, emotional and compelling communication that can strike the chord with the customer.

Setting a context of the story in few minutes and a call-to-action has the potential to drive business conversations with the prospect. While lengthy videos can explain the product or service in-depth short form videos can be pinpointed to the actual problem the product or service will solve, thereby, capturing the attention of the consumer.

Easy to share

Short videos are not only easy to consume, but also to share. Brands can share these videos on social media platforms like Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube shorts, TikTok which can be further shared by their audiences. Small Biz Trend report suggested that social videos get 12X more shares than text and images combined.

Consumers exchange ideas on the social media platform, by being in front of the audience at the right time with the right message, goes a long way in enhancing the brand awareness.

Easy to retain

Short messages are crisp, concise, answer to the point and hence more impactful. Extending this approach while creating short form videos, can help increasing message recall for the business.

Marketing techniques like teaser campaigns, Super Bowl commercials have always got the eyeballs of the prospects for brands. Memorable ads that incite the emotions and preserve the ad information uplift the brand equity.

Easier to repurpose

While long-form videos can be sliced, diced to create short snippet. A short form video can be created by combining image, text and adding GIF, if you don’t want to create a new video. Images, text can be repurposed to increase the shareability of the information and drive engagement for the brand on social media.

Such short form videos can be shared on social media channels to maintain the consistency of the brand’s look-feel. For some platforms minute changes in terms of length would be required or adjusting the size to match the platform specification.

Riding the trend

Short form videos are the latest trend and will be there for some time. Brands will need to include these in their video marketing strategy as they aim to build a strong social media presence.

Social media algorithms riding on the trend will showcase short form video formats more to the audience compared to lengthy ones. Thus, in order to drive organic growth on social media, short form videos are a must.

Different Formats of Short form Videos Brands can Experiment

While there are plenty of different short form video ideas that brands can include in their video marketing strategy, here are some kick-starters to fast-track your video content creation:

User-generated content

As consumers find user-generated 9.8X more impactful than influencer content when making a purchasing decision (Source: Stackla), it is no surprise that UGC videos are becoming increasingly popular. UGC has a significant influence on the purchasing decision of the product or service compared to brand content.

UGC adds the much-needed flavour of authenticity to the communication. Without investing in huge resources, UGC can help brand achieve trust, credibility and confidence amongst their target audience.


Brands go an extra mile by incorporating challenges with user-generated content and increase the popularity of their social media channels exponentially. Initially brand challenges with short form videos were restricted with dance, lip-syncing, songs and sounds. Today the entire challenge has been reinvented.

Brands include hashtags, tie it with certain days that compliments their product. For instance, Samsung launched #danceAwesome campaign to promote their product Galaxy A smartphone with Blackpink on TikTok and invited audiences to upload their version with the hashtag. The campaign generated 20.5 billion views, gained entry of social media maven Holly H which garnered 250,000 likes. Hence, combining a contest with UGC generates more popularity and can in turn become a trending topic pushing the social media engagement over the roof for the brand.

Product Tutorials

Though product usage videos, how-to videos are lengthier, they often can leave the audience disengaged. In order to create impactful communication with the audience such that they are inspired to buy the product or service, brands can create short snippets of product tutorials.

Short form product videos targeted to specific buyer personas, problem statements, USPs or differentiating factors can help educate the audience and nurture them to make an informed choice. By keeping the length to minimum, persuasive short form videos can be created to drive purchase for the brand.


Businesses can add fun to their serious content by including behind-the-scenes videos. These short form videos help in building rapport with the audience while offering transparency towards the brand.

Another benefit of short form behind-the-scenes videos are that they add the human element to the brand communication. Combine a trending topic, call-to-action with behind-the-scenes short form videos can be a sure short recipe for success on social media engagement.


This is another way to showcase the differentiating factors of the product by addressing the customer queries. FAQs boost credibility and help in nurturing the leads for brands.

Businesses can ask questions on social media platforms, website, emails or convert their chat applet Q&A to short form videos. Adding text, animation can help in creating a series which can go as a highlight on the Instagram. These videos offer more assistance to buyers researching for solutions and can incite immediate purchase.

Brand Teasers

Teasers have been long used in the industry as commercials. Today they are even more relevant as brands extend into live events, live conferences, live streaming of product launches and much more.

These are preview or trailers that keep the audience waiting in anticipation for more. Teasers have the potential of going viral and building the hype needed for the launch. Adding teasers to a landing page and then launching the product, can increase the average time spent on the site leading to a successful launch.


Businesses can benefit from the trending short video formats, as audience increase their involvement with short video content generation. Brands like Cheetos, Home Depot & Oreo, and Budweiser have already tasted the marketing success with short video campaigns. Cheetos partnered with a Gen-Z musician, Bad Bunny, to promote their Flamin’ Hot Cheetos snack and launched the challenge #LeaveYourMark where users could upload their mark on society in the form of music, fashion or any other mode of expression. The campaign received 120 million interactions. With proven benefits, brands can leverage any or all the short form video formats and drive more engagement to their social media platforms.

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