Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Videos

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Nowadays, well-produced social media videos help industries achieve their marketing goals. Indeed, 86% of online marketers use engaging social media videos in their marketing. When brands leverage engaging social media videos, they grow their following, increase traffic on the various social channels, and upsurge their sales.

Video content outperforms other content forms with a big difference. For example, studies show that video content garners 1200% more shares than image and text content combined.

Video content can also enhance social media engagement by creating trust and awareness between the brand and the consumers. Moreover, they stimulate relevant conversations and improve lead generation. This article aims to educate you on how to develop social media videos that drive engagement and consideration amongst the target audience.

Start With a Video Strategy

Having a structured and planned video strategy is the first thing you should think about. This plan can help you navigate the entire video creation project without skipping any details or stages. This strategy involves researching your target audience, brainstorming ideas, competitor check, scheduling your video content, allocating video budget, delegating the tasks, and much more. Indeed, the video strategy will help you develop effective social media videos that will be successful on social accounts.


You can now begin ideation of social media videos. Like anything, marketers must have a goal. For example, brands should understand what they want to achieve with the videos. Besides, they should decide on the purpose of the videos and the types of videos they should use.

Brands can check out their competitor’s videos. Find out why their videos are captivating. Once you have analyzed why their videos perform well, brands can get inspiration to build a market-aligned social media video creation project.

Get Planning

Good enough, you already have the concept of your social media video. It is now time to plan how the video should look and feel. To achieve this, brands can create a script, storyboard, or even try both. In this stage, brands should organize the lineup of the video’s visual and audio parts.

The storyboard is a simple comic strip of the video. A storyboard is a right way to go if the video largely depends on visuals to depict the message. It can help you visualize how the shots will look and help you complete the necessary steps before moving on to the production phase. Creating a storyboard is crucial to the visualization of animated videos which depicts the screen-wise details and helps brands finetune before commencing with the production. Incorporating storyboards helps keep the costs in control and align expectations of the final delivery with all the stakeholders.

Shooting the video

Social media video creation is the most exciting part of the entire project. At this step, brands can opt to hire video shooting professionals. Besides, they can utilize simple shooting equipment such as smartphones. But if the video will be used in a long-term marketing strategy, it would be best to invest in high-end cameras to give them the best quality.

Capturing good audio is a step you should be very focused on. Note that the audio can make the video 100X better. However, this will also depend on whether you want the video to have sound or captions. Videos with dialogue should be produced in a quiet room to minimize background noise.

Tips for social media video creation

While creating social media videos, brands should focus on the following:

  • Capture Attention Early: Social media videos have an auto-play element making it easy for viewers to watch the first few seconds of the video before scrolling down. Thus, it would be best if you aimed to create social media videos that capture the audience’s attention in the first few seconds of watching. Ideally, you can start your video with the climax of your story.
  • Design for sound off: Many social media users watch videos without sound. Thus, you should develop videos that can pass the brand’s message without the need for sound. It is advisable to utilize titles or captions since they can tell the brand’s story visually.
  • Keep it Simple: Social media videos should be simple. Therefore, create easily understandable videos. Complex videos may not always pass the brand’s message well.
  • Keep it short: You may have noticed that many social media videos tend to be about 10- 30 seconds. This means that most of the brand’s video content should be short but interesting. Indeed, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram videos are typically shorter than those on YouTube.

Social media videos with the above qualities garner more engagement. Thus, all videos should adhere to each of the above steps for an effective campaign.

Sharing social media video

Now that you are done with video creation, it is time to share it. The video should now be uploaded to various social media channels. However, you should make sure it is of the recommended quality. Note that the new video should be uploaded alongside interesting captions, hashtags, etc. You can even tag any relevant people on the video description.


With video content playing a pivotal role in social media marketing, brands should get more active in captivating visual content. Brands can start by crafting a video strategy that can help them achieve their marketing goals. Afterward, they can engage in a brainstorming session to come up with video ideas. Armed with the ideas, brands can plan how the videos will be shot, released on a schedule, and the shooting process.

Now, the shooting begins bearing in mind that the end videos should be captivating, easy to comprehend with or without sound, short, and extremely catchy at the beginning. But this does not mean that only the beginning of the video should be catchy. Make sure the entire video is interesting to watch. Once you are done with the shooting, you can now upload it to the brand’s social media channels with attention-grabbing descriptions and hashtags to boost the reach of the videos.

Hiring professionals is one of the best things you would ever do. They have experience in creating various types of social media videos. Thus, they can help produce engaging social media videos that can be effective in your overall marketing campaigns.


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