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Building a strong personal brand is extremely hard work, but the benefits are worth it. Growth in a personal brand will be noticed by those around, and those who matter most. While entering a new industry, having a strong personal brand can help grow trust in the domain expertise. When done effectively, a strong personal brand can lead to new opportunities and connections that will change your life forever.

Personal brand is more than a logo or a tagline. It encircles the digital presence, social media presence and the digital footprints of an individual. In today’s digital world, personal brand includes thoughts represented on other’s content as well. Working on establishing a solid personal brand increases credibility, authenticity and visibility in the field opening the doors of conversation with potential clients, collaborators, and employers.

Here is a list of top critical tools, individuals can exploit to accelerate their personal brand growth.

Publishing books

A book is a great way to establish oneself as an expert in a field and build a following. Books help in building credibility amongst the masses. Individuals can publish books nowadays, traditionally or self-publish (which can be charged or given at Free of cost). However, books need to be promoted as well. Writing books is compared to a heavy-weight lifting activity, hence one need not commence the same right away. But there must be a goal in one’s personal brand plan over a period of time.

Speaking engagements

Speaking engagements let an individual practice their pitch in front of live audiences and gets one noticed in the process. It’s just as important to create an elevator speech for oneself as for the business. One needs to actively participate in opportunities at industry conferences and local groups as speakers.

Website development

The website helps people in finding more information about the individual. It can be a simple microsite with details about background, journey, expertise, and links to channels that showcases a proof of work. Website can act as DNA to promote books, podcasts, LIVE event coverages and share industry event bytes as speakers. Thus, helping in building digital authority for the personal brand. Maintaining a steady website aids in improving the Google SERP results for the individuals.

Blog writing

Blogs are an easy way to showcase domain proficiency in the field and build a loyal readership base. Utilizing social media one can drive traffic to blog posts. Informative and educative blogs help in driving more engagement with the target audience. Growing a blog can be time-consuming, but by adopting a regular blogging schedule and connecting with other bloggers in the niche, one can reach a large audience quickly.

Email marketing

If Blogs were a medium to grow reach and visibility, email marketing is a method to convert followers into dedicated loyalists. With email marketing, individuals can create personalized communications aimed towards the readers problems. Offering downloadable valuable resources like checklist, guides, educational tips, and weekly feed on trending updates in the domain; blog readers can be enticed into subscribing to the email marketing service. Individuals can deepen the engagement with these email readers by communicating with them on a consistent calendarized approach.


SEO is not just a vital tool for business, it plays a crucial role in the growth of a personal brand. SEO aids in connecting individuals with the prospects who are researching for solutions to solve their problems. Search engine optimization can be complex and requires ongoing work, but it’s essential for anyone who wants to build a personal brand and be found by prospects who need what they do.


The list is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to personal branding tools. There are various techniques and elements like Digital Press release, seminars, webinars, and many more which can be used to connect and engage with the audience. While crafting a personal branding strategy, one must decide the tools to be used basis the target audience. Once the personal branding begins to generate results, one can increase and introduce complex tools to expand the thought-leadership base.

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