Benefits of Video Content for B2B Brands

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When it comes to video content, most people think of commercial brands using video for advertising. Although B2B brands’ primary audience is other businesses, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t make use of video content too, given that 70% of B2B researchers base some their buying decisions on watching brand videos.

Well, according to recent research from Demand Gen Report, 46% of B2B buyers reported engaging with video and interactive content in the early and mid-stages of their purchasing process. With the rapid increase of online video consumption and the evolution of social media platforms, B2B companies have as much to gain from using videos as their B2C counterparts.

Creating great video content that engages your audience can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Here are some ways B2B companies can benefit from video marketing:

Showcase employee stories

Videos are powerful tools that can help you tell your story and engage with potential customers. Think of a video as a conversation between you and your customer. It’s not just about sharing information, it’s also about showing the customer a different side of your brand, showing them how your company is run and how they can do business with you.

Showcasing personality via employees humanizes the brand. It creates an emotional connection with the audience. Most people are willing to watch someone they trust talk about their problems or explain the ins-and-outs of their products. If brands present themselves in a casual manner, people will be more likely to invest in them as a person rather than an online brand.

Landing page conversions

B2B brands often find it challenging to create compelling content that can differentiate them from their competitors. Reading texts, reports, research information in the limited time can be a task for the prospects. B2B companies invest in creating research reports, whitepapers, build dedicated landing pages and then drive their target audience on the website to initiate conversations or generate leads. Converting these thought-leadership papers into a series of videos and embedding a form which captures basic details of the prospect, can drive more conversions.

Brands can create a promotional video that are used as ads on digital platforms and an educational or informational video series which captures the research findings in an engaging way. Companies can subtly embed new products or solutions as a part of these series and generate potential new leads.

Leverage Livestream Features

Videos do a great job of nurturing prospects through their buying cycle. Live videos are a great way for customers to see what the company is like from a behind-the-scenes perspective. Livestreaming gives brands the power to demonstrate domain expertise, build credibility, and showcase transparency. Holding webinars, panel discussion with industry thought-leaders, and interviews are some of the ways brands can harness the power of Live Show. Brands get an opportunity to directly engage with their prospects during the Livestream, answer their queries and open doors for a future conversation.

Brands who want to avoid the risk can benefit from pre-recorded video and opening the Live session. According to Demand Metric, more than 70% of sales reps who leverage custom-recorded video in the virtual sales process experience higher prospect engagement and nearly half report less turnaround time to close a deal. Businesses can address the audience in a real-time basis via chats or messengers while the video is pre-recorded. This ensures focus is not drifted, content is delivered as thought and become an asset over the course of time by garnering views.

Create product demo videos

If products or services demonstrated are visually engaging, chances of conversions are higher. Whether the focus is on the functionality of a product or the impact it can have on a business, video allows brands to show off products using real-life examples.

When there’s a lot of information to convey, an illustrated video can be extremely useful to bring the concept home quickly. It helps customers understand how the product works and educate them by focusing on important features. Explainer videos can be used to attract, educate, engage and convert prospects at every stage of the sales cycle. The key is to identify the video goals before starting, or paying for, an explainer video or series of videos. Explainer videos are already driving success for brands who the audience have discovered after watching the video.

Build customer testimonials

Consumers today want to hear stories. To further emphasize the story b2b brands can show how the product worked well for another customer by creating case studies. Extend the degree of trustworthiness by having a happy customer share the experience of working with the brands. Satisfied customers reviewing products are a great source of credibility for future prospects.

Word-of-mouth still happens to be the driving force of why a customer chooses one company over another. Create solution-based case studies, reviews and show the length and breadth of the problem solved. These videos instill a sense of confidence amongst the prospect and act upon their empathy as they visualize themselves in the shoes of the customer.

Videos for unsubscribers

This is where an automated video can come in handy. When someone unsubscribes from your list, send them a quick personalized video thanking them for their time and letting them know that they are always welcome back if they change their mind down the road. According to Wordstream, click-through rates on the initial email in a campaign can increase by 96% if it contains a video.

Brands have been using to their unsubscribers into subscribers by adding a video in the unsubscribing page. The video can explain why someone might decide to unsubscribe and reminds them that they’re always open to hearing feedback about how the brand can improve their email communications. The video gives the subscriber the feeling that the brand cares about what they think, rather than just another company trying to sell something.


B2B companies don’t have to conform solely to traditional media tactics, such as print or written content. If brands create video content that complements the brand experience and speaks to their target audience, it can be a powerful tool in their arsenal. And remember consistency is key. The last thing b2b brands want is great video one month and terrible video the next. Consistency ensures that customers know what they can expect from your brand. Businesses that incorporate videos in multiple touchpoints across the customer journey can drive engagement and ultimately sales.


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