Which is the Ideal Social Media Platform for Small Business?

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Nowadays, most industries adopt social media platforms to maximize their productivity and expand their customer base. Research has it that social media usage is ever increasing. Small businesses and startups also need an approach to growth, and these platforms are the best tools to reach out to potential customers. Instagram is among the popular social media for small businesses due to its low cost of operation and ability to serve multiple functions.

Why Should Small Businesses Be on social media?

Social media platforms for small businesses can be a very reliable marketing tool. When it comes to generating business, marketing is one of the great strategies that may either determine the success or the failure of a business. Social media platforms accommodate hundreds of companies. It is very important for a business owner to find a way of ensuring their product is easily marketed to their target audience.


Some businesses use Instagram to attract prospects, followers, and customers. For example, photographers can show their work regularly. To some, the platform is not a potential marketing tool. By considering the pros and cons of Instagram to your business, currently, you can only ignore it at your own risk.

Pros and Cons of Instagram:

The Pros

  • Organized Reach

The benefit when you have a personal account for your business is that you can know the content that does well. It is because, through social networking, you can reach your followers who genuinely like what they see. The engagement is organic and natural. Hence you don’t second guess due to a paid advert.

  • Going Private

With a personal account, you have an option to make the profile private. It means that Instagram followers need to request to follow you. For them to see your content, you must accept their request. It means that your content will not be seen in relevant hashtag searches. If you want to remain private and entice the followers, this is a good social media strategy.

  • Connecting to Multiple Facebook Pages

With a personal profile, Instagram enables you to link with everyone. This is when the business has multiple Facebook pages for different locations and effective in social media marketing.

The Cons

  • Less Personal Feel

Since social media is about engagement and social connections, the Instagram business profile makes followers less likely to engage with you than a personal profile. It is because they might view the account to be promotional.


YouTube, among the social networking platforms, is ranked the second largest search engine after Google. It is also the third most visited website globally. That means, if you opt for it, your products will have a high chance of reaching the expected 1.86 billion users in 2021.

It will enable you to.

  • Create videos of your products for the world.
  • Control comments that are off-topic, or that are meant to ruin your business’s reputation.

Pros of YouTube

Here are the advantages of using YouTube:

  • Your Content Will Never Die

YouTube videos stay indefinitely. This means that you will increase views daily. The addition of views is an increase of brand promoters if your content is worth it.

  • You Can Interact with Your Customers

YouTube gives your buyers a chance to air their views on your video. They can question or appreciate your products.

This allows you to know their tastes and preferences.

  • You Increase Your Visibility in Search Engine

Associating your domain name with your YouTube channel increases your ranking in search engines.

Once your content is scrutinized, Google will display them upon request.

  • Allows You to Extend Your Marketing and Advertising Efforts to A Wider Customer Population

To increase viewership, you can place ads on the videos of popular YouTube users.

You can also monetize your videos by allowing other businesses to place their ads on your videos. This brings additional income.

  • There Is Little Censorship

Since YouTube is free, little is done to control your content. Your business should be how to gain profit and not produce explicit content.

Therefore, there is no point where the content will be censored.

YouTube, however, as a marketing strategy has its disadvantages as discussed below;

  • Profit Is Not a Guarantee

The amount you spend in creating a video for your product does not equal income. It is a gain or loss as people might fail to view your videos.

  • Negative Views Influence Your Ranking

If people comment negatively on your videos, you risk appearing on the search engines. This is because your contents will be censored and thus not displayed to the buyers.

  • YouTube Does Not Market for You

For your products to be seen, you must pay for YouTube marketing on some specific tags.

You also need to launch a marketing campaign that links to your video.

  • Numerous Related Videos with The Same Tags

A single type of business can be owned by millions of people. However, their contents may not be related. This will create competition and thus affect ranking.


With many people accessing Facebook on a daily basis, it is one of the most efficient social media platforms that can help grow a business audience, especially the small businesses that are starting up.

Pros and cons of using Facebook


There is a wide range of audience on Facebook

  • It is relatively cheap
  • There are not many requirements needed to set up a page
  • There is great interaction between the business owner and the clients


  • It is time-consuming
  • It may expose the business to con people as not all customers are genuine
  • Negative publicity can be a big issue


Social media marketing, social networking, and social media strategy are great ways, a small business can use in order to reach a wide pool of their targeted customers with ease. The various social media platforms can be leveraged to boost business, company reputation, and make huge sales. Henceforth, rely on the social media platform of your choice to market your products and services.

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