Why Animated Videos Is A Perfect Choice for Businesses?

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Are you aware that there is a new marketing strategy that is aimed at boosting your sales? The use of animated videos to communicate simple to complex topics to customers. With the new era of technology and cheap smartphones across the globe, people have moved to watching rather than reading and trekking long distances in search of products they need to buy.

Therefore, as a business person, you also need to move with your customers. You need to be ahead of them and deliver what they want to see and hear. With social media, businesses can now make more creative and animated content about their brands to attract and retain potential buyers. Digital marketing has risen especially during this era of the Covid-19 pandemic that people no longer wish to travel.

Animated videos are so eye-catching and can make customers watch until the end, unlike reading. They will sleep, some will only pursue the exact points they need. Videos can be addictive, and that will make you retain customers.

Statistics of The Growing Influence of Animated Videos on Purchase Behavior

HubSpot found out that 81% of businesses are using videos as a marketing tool, a rise from 2020s 63% with Facebook taking the lead. Hubspot also found out that online videos have a viewership of 78% weekly and 55% daily. 59% of the executives interviewed during the survey reported a higher interest in watching videos than reading texts.

Videos were also found to be creating 300% traffic in the search engines compared to texts. In the same research, two minutes videos were ranked as highly watched.

Types Of Animated Videos

As technology progresses, researchers have constantly invented new video production methods.

Such methods as Doodle, 2D animation, 3D animation and Motion graphics are the most commonly used types for business websites.

Doodle Animation

For your business to attract and retain more customers, you obviously need to engage them through funny and unique styles. This is what doodle entails. It is also called whiteboard animation.

Doodle is the most recent form and probably the best for direct sales presentation and instructional Videos. It shows a hand drawing a cartoon as the informer speaks the marketing message.

This has, in the recent past, engaged consumers by teaching a process, procedure, or a method especially in businesses that are more procedural, and those that want to communicate complex messages.

They will also keep watching to the end to see how the cartoon will finalize the communication.

2D Animation

This is a traditional two-dimensional character animation that makes use of cartoon technology, where characters act the script. You should have to first consider the type of your business project before settling on it. It is a major fit for companies that do more advertisements and dramatic skits.

3D Animation

A three-dimensional animation is the most used modern type of animation. For you to adequately and effectively engage your customers, combining the magic of traditional animation with modern technology is the best choice. When you apply this form in your videos, you leave customers with the best quality experience.

Motion Graphics

This form involved the combination of 2D and 3D animations to produce quality videos through special effects, texts, and other elements. The difference between the two is, however, unnoticeable by the customers as they are very similar.

Benefits of Animated Videos for Companies

Animated videos have adverse benefits to marketers who aim to boost sales, increase brand recall, attract more consumers, and expose their products globally.

  • The drawing of cartoons in Doodle animation engages long-term receptors and customers are likely to retain the information for a longer period of time
  • 2D animation involves the use of graphics, voice-overs, and texts, which aims to stimulate different areas of the brain hence engaging multiple senses of your customers to help them process and understand the information properly
  • With 3D animation, you are able to create a highly dynamic environment, craft realistic settings, characters, objects, lighting, and textures to vitalize your videos in new ways
  • Animated videos are mobile-friendly. Your social media marketing strategy only needs to remain responsive and suits the customers’ screen. This will widen your brand’s reach and create awareness, as people have turned to their phones for all sorts of internet work- spending time on social media platforms, shopping online, browsing the internet, and researching different websites
  • The videos are suitable for all social media platforms. The videos are not limited to the company’s website only but are shareable on WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram
  • They are also not limited to advertisements, storytelling, or explainer videos but can even extend into training and any other format that your company chooses to go by
  • Animated videos improve your SEO. This can improve your ranking especially when you link them to your website domains

Outsourcing To The Companies Best Quality Videos

This simply means hiring an external agency to strategize and develop the right video that connects with your audience.

As a digital marketer, outsourcing quality videos for your business should be a priority.

Video production is a field of specialization and so only experts can bring out the best to your business.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider outsourcing for quality videos:

Access To Quality Talent

Digital marketing requires quality products. Products that speak to consumers without them having to struggle. However, these products can only come from a trained person who understands all the designs in production and has the best equipment.

When you hire remote professionals, you are introducing your company to the world. Experts, unlike the internal company’s resources, provide you with an outside-in view and tailor your brand’s message to fit consumers’ needs through videos.

Due to their extensive creativity and perfect understanding of the field, your Google ranking may also be pushed to the top.


It is easier to hire professionals than to work solely with your employees.

Hiring an outsider saves you the cost of buying production equipment, investing in appropriate software, training the internal resources, and time that might be used to run other errands in the company.

New Perspective

Since experts have adverse experience in handling different projects for different companies, entrusting them with the duty may bring in new ideas. Such ideas will make the brand look fresh and catchy to the consumers.

High-Quality Video Production

You may not know the current trends in shooting, editing, and animation. Consulting professionals will keep you updated. Specialists also know the kind of instruments’ settings that deliver quality output.

When you engage them even in editing, the team that is more experienced and resourceful, and with more networks, will convert a poorly shot clip into a competing product.

They also have the best recording equipment and personnel that can deliver to your company’s taste.

In a nutshell

Customers no longer have time for physical meetings and books- they need quality visual content. Your company should move with technology in order to capture and retain consumers.

As a business person,  adopt the art of storytelling through videos to influence your buyers and boost your conversions and brand awareness.

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