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Importance of Instagram Marketing

It is an age old saying that a picture says a thousand words. Instagram is the second highest engaged social media platform which is based on visualization. Businesses that combine content marketing with visuals, influence the consumer’s purchase behavior. Consumers seek updates from brands as they research solutions. They engage with businesses that pose authentic brand personalities on Instagram.

With 59% of internet users viewing on Instagram, it has high engagement rates. Instagram is a host to young audiences who are highly active and spend a considerable time on the platform engaging with businesses. Research shows that 90% of accounts follow at least one business on Instagram. Thus, it is vital to be present on Instagram and educate the consumers to garner affinity for your products. Instagram marketing gives you an edge over your competition and aids in building your brand awareness, growing your target audience, deepening engagement with consumers and increases conversions. Identifying the right marketing tactics for Instagram can be a daunting task for brands. With support from specialists, you can create attractive engaging content to nurture your consumers.

Instagram Management Services

Instagram management services if done rightly, can augment a brand’s presence and cultivate a unique bond with the consumer. Onboarding social media strategists like us, who have years of experience on working with Instagram, aids in achieving your social media goals while maximizing your ROI. Our social media specialists develop strategy based on research and insights gathered from industry trends, consumer trends, brand intelligence, and competition audit. Your dedicated social media account manager implements the tailored pathways and creates a spark with your consumers. Our team expertise in delivering technologically innovative solutions that scales your brand interactions. We offer full 360-degree services on Instagram marketing like:

Instagram Management: We build Instagram profile pages, enhance the design, establish the tonality and imagery for the brand. Our social media specialists create strategies that aim to deliver your marketing goals. We focus on optimizing the page using branded and non-branded hashtags, building network, commenting on relevant posts, garnering shoutouts, promoting website and product, connecting with industry influencers, managing posting content, and garnering user-generated content.

Instagram Engagement: Video posts on Instagram receive 38% more engagement than image posts. With focus on garnering user engagement, we create unique videos that compliment your brand’s content. Our creative and copywriting team collaborate to create GIFs and videos that garner customers attention. At DGsaga, we deliver digital experiences via visual storytelling in the most appropriate way that bridges the gap between the brand and their consumers.

Instagram Ad Management: In order to achieve sustained growth on Instagram platform, our social media specialists recommend paid promotions as part of your Instagram strategy. The paid promotions help in increasing the pace of your Instagram growth. Our Instagram marketing specialists setup ads by leveraging Ads Manager and setup campaigns including goals, target audience, behavior, creative and budget allocation. The Instagram marketing expert optimizes the campaigns to lower the cost-per-acquisition and generate higher return-on-investments. A fortnightly and monthly reporting of Instagram performance is presented to your team with the way forward recommendations.

Instagram Listening: With over 1 Billion users on platform, searching brand mentions can be a time-consuming task. Our Instagram marketing team researches branded conversation using primary and tools like Talkwalker. We are adept at identifying potential crisis conversations and reporting the same to your team who can build a risk-mitigation plan. The Instagram marketing involves presentation of monthly insights on brand mentions that include comments, queries, grievances, and influencer interactions. Additionally, we present share-of-voice, brand sentiment, and brand influencers and detractors.

Our Instagram Management Process


Strategy Development: We build a custom strategy by curating insights from the brand intelligence, market intelligence including industry, consumers, and competition. Our Instagram specialists collaborate with your team to validate the strategy. We align the strategy to ensure it delivers your business goals and maximizes your social media returns. Post the completion of discovery session, an outreach plan is crafted that includes campaigns, creatives, content formats and tactics that aim to deliver tangible results for your Instagram.

Content Creation: Follow up to the strategy finalization, our creative team ideates content formats that can be built to engage your audiences. We curate and create content for Instagram by referencing the industry influencers, and market trends. Our specialists build a content calendar with convincing copies that focus on narratives. Once the content is signed off, our creative lay it with visualization that bring out your brand imagery on Instagram. We follow a stagewise project workflow that includes approval matrixes and is set on automation tool, Trello.

Implementing Growth: Once the brand page, tonality and content is created, our Instagram marketing specialists commence executing the strategy. We focus on building a steady follower base with consistent engagement. In order to achieve this, our specialists leverage the proven best practices across the globe. Our growth tactics fuse paid promotions with organic to amplify your channel’s reach and propagate your message. We aim at delivering quality campaigns that result into garnering engagement rates for your channel and build the popularity for your brand on Instagram.

Monitoring:We monitor your Instagram channel on a real-time basis. In case of any customer query or grievances, our team alerts your team and provides them with a suitable response. We monitor comments, queries, messages, reviews and respond to it appropriately. On a monthly basis we provide a report of the insights of the mentions that can guide your team to generate blogs, communication and alter our campaigns. Monitoring services are provided on real-time basis and we usually recommend tools for large and medium brands.

Reporting: Instagram marketing can be effective only when it adds value to your business goals. Hence, our Instagram marketing specialists create a monthly report that gives your team a hindsight of your brand’s performance. We measure our performance against the benchmarks of your industry and competition. The report delivers metrices like impressions, reach, profile visits, hashtag impact, clicks, video views, likes, Instagram referral traffic, leads, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates. We highlight the course corrective methods in the report as a way forward recommendation.

Why Choose us for
Instagram Marketing Services?

Inhouse specialists

With a dedicated inhouse team of social media specialists, we craft data- driven strategies for our client. DGsaga specialists build custom solutions for every client which differentiates them from the competition. Our Instagram marketing services are built on the lines of transparency, agile methodologies and a diligent workflow matrix that ensures we do not fall through the cracks.

Unique content

We create and curate unique content that takes your brand ahead than your competition. Our clients are extremely delighted with our content marketing efforts. We have dedicated content specialists who are adept with knowledge of 14+ industries that results in creation of inspirational content which drives humongous engagements. We are adept at delivering geo-specific communications that can cater to your regional demands.

Result orientation

Our social media specialists are driven by results they garner for your brand. Hence, our outreach efforts are implemented to achieve social media goals. Our implementation of tactics focuses on growing your brand’s influence on Instagram. We fuse in organic with paid promotions that accelerate achievement of your social media goals. With the focus being on delivering your success, we monitor your performance on real-time basis and undertake the required optimization efforts.


We offer an integrated solution that encompasses building, managing, and growing communities. For instance, we develop content formats like blogs, videos, vlogs to support your Instagram narratives. Alternatively, we also promote your website using paid promotions to increase your Instagram referral traffic. Whether you need content, design, strategy, tangible results, or monitoring, DGsaga is your one-stop-solution to all your needs.

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