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Importance of LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a home of over 620 Million+ professionals. This gives businesses an opportunity to interact with the audience basis their company, designation, function, skill, or job title. LinkedIn marketing enables brands to build professional connections and drive referral traffic for their website. Engaging the audience with informative content like blogs, vlogs, videos helps in building a probable consumer base who seek thought leadership from brands like yours. Consistent engagement on LinkedIn adds value to your connections and increases brand recall amongst your probable consumer base.

With most B2B decision makers being influenced by brands on LinkedIn, it is one of key marketing machinery for B2B businesses. LinkedIn gives brand a dual advantage of establishing not only their brand awareness but also garner recognition for their executives. LinkedIn has been upgrading their platform to include varied content formats like videos, long-form posts, stories, and live events that help B2B brands leverage for uplifting brand recall. 

Whether you are a B2B or B2C provider LinkedIn benefits are enormous!

  • 30 Million companies have a LinkedIn presence
  • 30% of company’s engagement is employee driven
  • 80% of LinkedIn users drive business decisions
  • 94% of B2B brands leverage LinkedIn for content marketing
  • 89% of B2B brands garner leads from LinkedIn
  • 59% sales professionals drive sales from LinkedIn
  • 52% is the open rate of LinkedIn Sponsored InMails
  • 50% year-on-year is the increase in LinkedIn engagement rate
  • 60% of LinkedIn users seek industry insights
  • 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn as part of hiring strategy

LinkedIn Management Services

LinkedIn marketing services are aimed to build your brand’s perception and increase your visibility on the platform. Partnering with social media specialists like us, enables you to build an active and an engaging LinkedIn community for your brand. We develop custom solutions that centered around your business and the consumers’ need. Our strategies are well structured and driven by insights garnered from brand intelligence, market trends, industry trends and consumer trends. We aim to deliver you organic growth on LinkedIn by leveraging our global footprints and best practices.

Our solutions are bespoke, agile, and innovative for the brand and include the following:

LinkedIn Management: We build your LinkedIn profile for your brand and executives by writing appropriate about description, lucrative title/tagline, creating compelling content, identifying strategic influencers for engagement. Our social media specialists optimize the profile to adhere to brand tonality, imagery, and guidelines. We put in efforts to enhance the outreach of the page/profile by using hashtags, incorporating call-to-action, conducting live feeds, managing posting, responding to messages, and posting curated industry leader’s content.

LinkedIn Engagement: We create unique content formats basis consumers’ preference that represent your content in the best possible way. Our social media specialists, copywriters, and creative minds ideate on best possible communication route that can enhance your brand positioning. We add flavor to the brand’s content with our persuasive copies, enticing visuals and well-developed posting schedule that adheres to platform peak times. Our social media specialists build your follower base and engagement for the brand by implementing campaigns that resonate with your consumers.

LinkedIn AdManagement: LinkedIn sponsored marketing solutions are the best way to garner outreach for your brand. We compliment the organic strategy with these Sponsored solutions to accelerate your LinkedIn impact. Our social media specialists, decide which of the solution – Sponsored Content (text, videos, carousel, image, dynamic ads), Sponsored Messaging, Follower Ads, Spotlight ads, Job Ads, Lead Gen form ads work for the brand’s objective. Thereafter the social media specialist setups the campaign determining goal, target location, demographics (age, gender), job experience (company, department, title), skills, interests, allocates budget and decides bid format (CPC, CPM). We monitor the performance of campaigns on a real-time basis and implement the corrective measures.

LinkedIn Listening: With the focus on establishing professional reputation, LinkedIn listening helps in capturing all the brand mentions. We identify conversations and respond to the conversations within the TAT agreed upon. On a monthly basis a detailed report that covers insights on brand mentions, sentiment, potential influencers, detractors, and share-of-voice is presented to your team. Customer conversations can provide direction of future products or communication. We are adept in deciphering conversations that can spark potential crisis for the brand and report to your team with an appropriate risk-mitigation plan.

Our LinkedIn Management Process

Strategy Development: We conduct a discovery session for the brand by brainstorming with your team. Our analysts derive insights by combining brand intelligence with market trends, industry trends, consumer trends and competition audit. We have our inhouse strategists who develop the ideal LinkedIn marketing plan based on the research that is aligned to meet the goals of the business. With the completion of discovery phase, a LinkedIn outreach strategy plan, tactics and metrices to be achieved are finalized.

Content Creation: Post freezing of strategy, our creative and content specialists identify content formats trending on LinkedIn, that can be developed to engage your audiences. Our team builds a content calendar that is cascaded to your team for review. Post signoff on content, our visual artists, develop visuals that aim to engage your consumers and amplify your content. The entire workflow process is managed by a rigorous automated tool like Trello, that provides real-time insights on the activities to be incurred.

Implementing growth: With the content, tonality and imagery being finalized, our social media specialists execute the strategy. We focus on garnering mentions for the brand and the executives, from the industry influencers using the organic route. We optimize your profile to garner followers and increase engagement for the content posted. Our social media specialists deliver campaigns that grow the engagement rate of your channel across the globe.

Monitoring: We monitor your brand mentions on LinkedIn on a real-time basis. Our social media team reports customer queries, reviews and grievances that need to be addressed to your team immediately. We are adept at setting up automated response management using tools like Agorapulse, where customers are provided with immediate and appropriate response that boasts their satisfaction. Your dedicated social media account manager creates a monthly report to include insights of queries, grievance management, brand sentiment, influencers, detractors, content themes and share-of-voice.

Reporting: We understand the value that LinkedIn marketing can deliver to your businesses. Hence, our LinkedIn marketing specialists create a monthly report that gives your team an insight into the brand’s performance. We benchmark our performance against industry and competition. The report covers metrices like impressions, reach, clicks, video views, profile visits, mentions, engagement rate, number of retweets, influencers engaged, website referral traffic, customer satisfaction, leads nurtured, and conversion rates. We recommend course corrective implementations with way forward plans that maximize your social media returns.

Why Choose us for LinkedIn Marketing Services?

Inhouse specialists

With a dedicated inhouse team of social media specialists, our strategists create unique strategies that are backed by data-driven approach. Based on the intensive research exercise we undertake for every client; our strategies differentiate brands from their competition. Our LinkedIn marketing services are built on the lines of transparency, agile methodologies and a diligent workflow matrix that ensures we deliver what we commit.

Unique content

We create and curate unique content that gives your brand an edge over the competition. Our clients adore our content marketing efforts. We have dedicated content specialists who are adept with knowledge of 14+ industries that results in creation of engaging content which captures the attention of your consumers’. We are adept at delivering regional specific communications.

Result orientation

Our LinkedIn marketing services are result oriented. We build our marketing plan to align with your goals. Our social media specialists optimize the performance of the plan to maximize your returns. We implement strategies that garner genuine followers and engagement for your accounts. With global footprints, our social media specialists implement world’s best strategies across the globe for the brand.


We offer an integrated solution that encompasses building, managing, and growing communities. For instance, we develop content formats like blogs, videos, vlogs to support your Instagram narratives. Alternatively, we also promote your website using paid promotions to increase your LinkedIn referral traffic. Whether you need content, design, strategy, tangible results, or monitoring, DGsaga is your one-stop-solution to all your needs.

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