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Importance of Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest boasts over 300 Million users who have collected over 200 Billion pins. Pinterest is different from the other social media platforms as it functions like a visual search engine. The platform is one of the best channels that compliments digital storytelling. More than 93% of Pinterest users browse the platform for inspiration prior to purchase. Pinterest marketing gives brands the edge to be part of their consumers’ research and influence their buying behavior. Pinterest is an important medium for eCommerce retailers, which drives around 25% of their website referral traffic. Exclusion of Pinterest means missing out on this huge base of your potential target audience.

Every pin is a backlink to your website that can potentially increase your website traffic and improve the brand’s SEO score. Since Pinterest marketing can be a daunting task for your inhouse marketing team, social media specialists like us can enable you to reach your goals. We help you boost your content marketing efforts by building follower base, garnering engagement and increasing your website traffic with our Pinterest marketing services. 


Including Pinterest as part of your marketing mix, can accelerate your brand’s business goals in more than one way!

  • 600 Million of Pinterest’s searches are visual
  • 71% of global user base of Pinterest comprises of women
  • 52% Pinterest users, use platform for knowledge of food & drinks
  • 70% use Pinterest to find accessories, watches, and jewelry
  • 52% users, spent $500 or more on beauty products in last 6 months
  • 52% of millennials use Pinterest every month
  • 77% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new product or brand
  • 98% report trying new things after browsing Pinterest
  • 50% people made a purchase after watching promoted Pins
  • 78% of users say content from brands is useful

Pinterest Management Services

Pinterest marketing services can add value both for B2B and B2C marketers. Precise and unique strategy for the platform can increase the brand’s searchability, build a brand’s awareness, increase website traffic, and drive conversions. Our social media strategists work as an extended arm of your team and help in optimizing your brand’s presence on Pinterest. Onboarding social media strategists like us, provides you with global expertise while ensuring your goals are achieved with incremental returns. Our social media specialists develop strategy based on research and insights gathered from industry trends, consumer trends, brand intelligence, and competition audit. Your dedicated social media account manager implements the customized pathways and creates a spark with your consumers. Our team expertise in delivering technologically innovative solutions that scales your brand interactions. We offer full 360-degree services on Pinterest marketing like

Pinterest Management: We develop Pinterest profile pages, create the banner design, establish the tonality and imagery for the brand. Our social media specialists create strategies that are oriented to your marketing goals. We optimized your page using titles, descriptions for your boards, incorporating search friendly keywords, posting as per platform’s peak timings, building followers, garnering consumer engagement, and building relationships with the influencers.

Pinterest Engagement: With visual rich content being the focal point of Pinterest, we create posts that compliment your audience’s personas. Our copywriters and visual artists, design creative that inspire a consumer towards purchase. We optimize basis the insights garnered on the performance of the creatives to nurture consumers further in their sales funnel. Our creatives aim to bridge the gap between consumers and brand.

Pinterest Ad Management: In order to boost Pinterest growth, our social media specialists include paid promotions as part of your marketing strategy. The paid promotions enable the brand to achieve a faster growth on Pinterest. Our social media specialists’ setup ads by leveraging Ads Manager and setup campaigns including goals, target audience, keywords, interests, behavior, creative and budget allocation. The Pinterest marketing expert optimizes the campaigns to lower the cost-per-acquisition and generate higher returns. We present monthly reports of the campaign performance to your team with way forward recommendations.

Pinterest persona development: With Pinterest users focusing on brand research and seeking solutions from brands, it is imperative to understand your target audience’s preferences. We help brands in identifying your consumers’ attributes on Pinterest. Driven by a technology and data-backed approach, our strategists, develop personas for the brand. We identify the consumer, their usage and attitude towards brands, influencers, campaigns that resonate with your consumers, tactics that convert your consumers to visitors and much more. Our objective is to create a detailed persona that adds enriches your Pinterest marketing efforts.

Our Pinterest Management Process

Strategy Development: We undertake a discovery session by collaborating with your team to understand brand intelligence. We combine the brand intelligence with our secondary insights of industry, market, competition, and consumer preferences. Our social media strategists build a Pinterest strategy that aligns with the business goals and strengthens a brand’s social media authority. Once discovery session is completed, we course correct the strategy basis the inputs from your team and assign a dedicated account manager who will implement your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Content Creation: Post finalization of strategy, our creative and content specialists identify content formats that can be developed to engage your target personas. We develop content themes, and topics that can be best complimented with Pins. Our boards and pins adhere to your brand’s tonality and imagery. At each stage we share the copies, creatives for approval with your team. The entire workflow is supported by an automation tool, Tello which provides real-time updates for all the stakeholders part of the project.

Implementing growth: With content created, our social media specialists implement the strategy defined for the brand. We focus on garnering clicks, likes, board followers, repins, and comments for the brand. Our social media specialists’ combine organic and paid promotions to build a Pinterest base for the brand. With our global footprints we have provided global exposure for Pinterest marketing to our clients. We optimize the content created to seed in keywords and distribute content that help in building a brand’s engagement and follower base.

Monitoring: We monitor the comments garnered on your content. Our social media specialists collect reviews, grievances, queries received from the customer. These are passed on to your team and addressed within the TAT mutually decided. We are adept at identifying negative pulse from the audience that can create potential crisis for the brand. Your dedicated social media account manager creates a monthly report to include insights of queries, grievance management, brand sentiment, influencers, detractors, content themes and share-of-voice. These insights can aid in defining the future campaign ideas for brands.

Reporting: We understand the paramount importance Pinterest marketing can deliver for brands. Hence, our Pinterest marketing specialists create a monthly report that gives your team an insight into the brand’s performance. We benchmark our performance against industry and competition. The report covers metrices like follower base, impressions, reach, clicks, pin saves, repins, mentions, engagement rate, influencers engaged, website referral traffic, customer satisfaction, leads nurtured, and conversion rates. We recommend course corrective methods with way forward plans that maximize your social media returns.

Why Choose Us
for Pinterest Services?

Inhouse specialists

With a dedicated inhouse team of social media specialists, content specialists, video makers, and visual artists we can turn around and deliver quality work in a short span timeframe. Our team is equipped at managing the brief and aligning deliverables that facilitate the achievement of goals. We undertake internal brainstorming sessions to ensure our communication developed adheres to your brand guidelines, consumer preference and differentiates the brand from the competition. Our team constantly upgrades themselves to meet the needs of the ever-evolving market.

Unique content

We create and curate unique content that gives your brand an edge over the competition. With domain expertise of over a decade on digital storytelling, we can deliver all kinds of visuals and package them well suited for your consumers. We have dedicated internal visualization specialists who are adept with knowledge of 14+ industries that results in creation of engaging content which captures the attention of your consumers’. With a dedicated automated workflow process, we deliver quality and brand adherent creatives.

Result orientation

Our Pinterest marketing services are focused on garnering results. We develop our outreach plan to align with your business goals. Pins are created with an objective to amplify the product affinity and educate consumers so that they move along the buying funnel. Our social media specialists optimize the performance of the brand on Pinterest to maximize your returns. We implement strategies that garner genuine followers, website traffic and engagement for your account. With global footprints, our social media specialists implement world’s best strategies across the globe for the brand.


Our inhouse social media specialists’ and partnerships help in a full suite Pinterest marketing services for brands. We are adept at strategy development, content creation, implementing SEO for pins, distribution, promotions, monitoring and reporting. We build strategies that are customized for brands and developed with a data-driven approach. Since our services are unique, innovative, and aggressive, they give you an edge your competition. Our Pinterest marketing services are built on the lines of transparency, agile methodologies and a diligent workflow matrix that ensures we deliver tangible results.

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