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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DGsaga social media promotions ?
DGsaga is your one-stop solution for all your social media promotions. If you aspire to grow your brand presence on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc, then you have reached the right place. DGsaga is the ideal fit for brands looking to build their social media presence and increasing their engagement. With DGsaga, you can increase your followers, comments, likes, video views and much more. Our social media marketing packages are designed to boost your account. With DGsaga, you can step ahead from your competition.
How do these instant social media marketing services work?
We create a buzzing social media presence for your brand by using a variety of globally tried and tested techniques. We analyze your data and accelerate your brand growth with our technologically tested methods. Our marketing packages have been designed so that they maximize your social media exposure, improve your brand awareness, and grow your probable customer base.
How can I order ?
Ordering is a simple 3 step process. You create an account with email address and password on the portal. Once you have created your account, you select your package, enter required details (URL/Link/Account username etc.) and proceed to checkout. We accept all major credit/debit cards and other methods.
Do you need my account credentials ?
We never ask you for any sensitive data in order to use our services. It is not necessary to have full unrestricted access granted by a password to deliver a high-quality service. In most cases, all we require is your username, URL or Link to the content you wish to promote to get started. Any social media marketing company that requires your password should be avoided to be engaged with.
Is this safe ?
Yes, our services are 100% safe and compliant with platform’s policy. All our social media marketing services comply with terms, conditions, and guidelines of all the platform’s. Many large businesses and brands use such services as part of their ongoing social media strategy to boost their social presence. We constantly monitor all the major social media platforms for updates to upgrade our services. This ensures that you are always a step ahead and your account will never be in jeopardy. With DGsaga, you can be assured of safety, transparency, and risk-free service offerings.
How do I contact you ?

Our support team is always available to help you achieve your social media goals. You can reach out to us using WhatsApp or Telegram connect. In case of no response, you can also send your concerns at We respond to all emails within 24 hours.

Do you offer free trial ?
Sorry, but we are not currently running any free trials. However, in case of big order or recurring order we can increase the order value. If you are keen to try out our social media promotions services, you can select the entry packages with minimum order value. Our packages are affordable, light on wallet and hence can be easily tried out.
How fast will I receive the services ?
Depending on which services you select, the order time is specified. Some packages that are instant are specified in the package category itself. Those services that require couple of hours are mentioned in the details of the package. Please note in case of platform upgrades or huge orders, the delivery time may be longer. We appreciate you connecting with us with your queries on WhatsApp, Telegram or Email. Whichever package you choose to order, you can be rest assured that it will be delivered instantly.
Does DGsaga offer best prices in market ?

Our aim at DGsaga is to provide best pricing and best-in-class quality at the same time for our clients. You can be rest assured that our service prices have been matched with the market rates. For further queries, you can connect with us on WhatsApp and Email.

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