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"A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories, relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over the other." – Seth Godin

DGsaga's marketing experts specialize in brand building services & branding agency In Mumbai, whether it is about launching a new brand or rejuvenating an old brand with a new identity. Building brands that resonate with consumers has been our forte. Our brand building recipe blends the audience’s needs with the brand’s promise. We create experiences that capture a consumer’s mindshare. In the world of noise, we break the clutter for startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs, by pairing the right brand building elements. We focus on creating a unique, niche and an exclusive brand.

 Importance of Brand Marketing Agency

Brands are science and psychology combined to bring life to your business. Consumers have plethora of choices to choose from, with products having similar traits and features. Branding helps consumers create a differentiation positioning of your business from the competitors. It allows your clients and consumers to know what to expect from your business. Branding creates meaningful connections with your consumers. Your potential consumers form an opinion about your brand within few seconds of interaction with the brand. Branding leads to building trust and credibility with your consumers. Building trust yields in establishing authority amongst your customer base. Let us look at some key elements that prove the importance of branding.

Branding builds recognition: Branding creates identities that help in businesses becoming known to the consumers. Branding elements become the face of the business.

Branding increases business value: Branding establishes strong connections with the prospects which increases value for the businesses. This makes it an appealing investment opportunity that can aid in establishing the business firmly in the marketplace.

Branding generates new consumers: Branding that creates a positive connect with the consumers, garners referrals for the businesses. Strong branding alleviates a business’s perception and creates connects within its consumers.

Branding instills loyalty: Branding increases engagement with the consumers that sparks loyalty within them. Positive experiences create optimistic feelings in the consumer’s hearts which further allures them frequently investing in the brand.

Benefits of Onboarding Branding Marketers

As business owners you understand your key offerings, USPs which may not translate well into consumer needs. With similar products and services being in the market since long time, it can be a daunting task for your team to create mind recall for the brand. Branding agencies make the task easier for you and let you focus on the product development and business goals. Collaborating with branding experts enables you to build your brand. Our branding experts dedicatedly work towards crafting a unique positioning for the business that is slated to scale new heights. We strategize your brand which becomes the foundation of all the marketing efforts – personality, look, feel, tonality and voice of your company. With a research driven approach we establish a distinctive position for the business that can be taken to the market. At DGsaga we expertise in creating following branding opportunities for your business.

Corporate Branding

Branding businesses to enable them to establish connect with their consumers. Amplifying your business with appropriate branding can be a daunting task for your inhouse team, we help in defining the ideal fit of branding that can spark interactions with your consumers. DGsaga offers varied services from logo designing to defining your brand voice and boosting your brand message.

Personal Branding

You are unique, with your own mission, values and are a brand by yourself. Marketing yourself alongside the brand gives the additional credibility to your business. With appropriate personal branding strategies, you can create interest, garner reach, connect, inspire, and captivate your ideal consumers. At DGsaga, we help you achieving all the above with our insight driven branding services.

Employer Branding

People wish to connect with the best brands. Talented minds too aspire to work for big brands. Employees are the biggest asset of the business who are the frontline workers delivering customer experiences. Thus, building an employee driven culture becomes imperative. We craft engaging employer branding strategies and communication that nurture your existing talent and create path for the new ones.

Our Brand Building Offerings

At DGsaga, we guide and nurture companies to become humanized. We help companies discover the best version of themselves that can create amazing relationships with their consumers. As brand consultants we define a narrative that is primed for audience engagement. We discover the soul of a brand, lend it a voice, and unearth a path that will capture the audience’s mind and heart.

Brand strategy: We deep dive into brand’s intelligence and conduct competitive research. The outcome of the phase involves defining brand narrative, personality, tone of voice, communication approach, and much more that makes a brand relatable, connected and engaging. We create an outline that gives a brand’s essence and the foundation to build further. The ultimate outcome of brand strategy is to create a dossier that defines the Go-to-market strategy for the brand.

Brand development: We develop how your brand thinks, acts, and appears so that the brand starts engaging with the audience in a meaningful way. Our strategists create brand architecture, content strategy, and defining proposition to ensure that you reap in great results. We develop the elevator pitch, brand voice, messaging and value proposition that defines your brand’s promise. All these verbiages help you in defining strategies to grow your business.

Brand naming: A big brand name sparks conversation with your consumers and initiates further funnels with them. Each business has a unique proposition, product line or service offering, but require ideal name to take to the market. Brand names add the flavor to your business and instill connect with your consumer. Our strategists develop an unforgettable brand name that becomes your mark and gives you the room to expand in the market.

Logo designBrand names need to be complimented with a unique identity that is easily recognized by everyone. Our creative experts sketch logo concepts that convey your industry and brand attributes. Post selection of the logo, the designs are refined to include color palettes varieties. We believe color is the most important element of the brand identity and hence we take utmost cautious to create colors that resonate with your audiences. Our team completes designs with typography, patterns, icons to develop an ideal brand identity for your business.

Packaging designPackaging adds the much-needed admiration factor to your brand. Great packaging impacts your brand success in a huge way. Referring the brand guidelines, we design packaging for your brand that exhilarates your consumer and strikes a chord with them. Packaging design solutions include presentation, word, business card, offline collateral templates (flyers, brochure, magazine, print, standee, event booth, signages), and online collaterals (social media posts, website, mobile application, signatures). Our brand packaging design solutions are simple, clear, innovative and are inspired from your audience’s preferences.

Brand style guideAfter the completion of the branding exercise, one needs to ensure consistency across the communications and collaterals as you move along. The guide enables your inhouse team, agencies to be on the same page while working on the go-to-market communication. It displays details on who the brand is, why the brand is and how does it resonate with the audience. Our guide is a dossier that includes brand purpose, slogan, taglines, logo, typography, color, patterns, and their representation across the online and offline channels.

Our Brand Marketing Process


Discovery: Post the onboarding call with all the business stakeholders, we deep dive into brand intelligence. Our experts combine the brand intelligence with the research of industry, consumer, and competition to identify the need gaps. The strategists then develop actionable insights that is leveraged further to craft the brand outreach plan.

Research: Market research is not a mandate for every project. In case the insights garnered in the discovery phase are not sufficient, we engage with our research partners to validate the hypothesis. While we are adept with secondary research, our partnerships excel in primary research offerings. Primary research into consumer’s usage and attitude towards brand is an enriched qualitative data that strengthens the brand positioning approach.

Positioning: With insights derived from consumer and brand’s purpose, the strategists develop positioning framework. The framework is a guiding mantle that enables us to articulate a brand’s message and proposition from the eyes of the consumer. Basis the framework a positioning document is created which acts as a foundational pillar on which the various brand elements like tonality, imagery and identity is built upon.

Design: After signing off on the foundation, we move further to create visual depictions of the brand elements. We commence our visualization by creating multiple design solutions that resonates with the brand positioning. Once a visualization path is finalized for the brand, our creative team develops series of elements for the application and launch of the brand.

Guidelines: Once designed brand elements are frozen, our team develops a style guide. The guideline document is a custodian of your brand assets and their application. We build an exhaustive digital document that caters to brand’s presence across offline and online channels. The guideline document is futuristic in nature as it gives room for upgrade and partnership level rules as well.

Launch: A new brand entity can only be established if there are internal advocates of the brand. Thus, we work with your business to communicate the branding to your employees via emails, signages, signatures, office branding, and much more. We extend our services to provide a 360- degree thrust for the brand which includes external launch. Based on feedback received from the market, we course correct the elements in an agile method to ensure minimum risk to the brand image.

Why Choose Our Brand Development Services?

With an outside-in approach, we create the perfect brand strategy, identity, and design that your consumers will adore. Our brand positioning is derived from data and insights that is the key to establishing your presence in the market. With global footprints we can cater across different geographies and develop region specific communication for your brand.

Branding to Conversions

While some firms only specialize in consultancy, or designing or launching, we are a one-stop-shop that researches to build a perfect identity and launches it to the market. We build outreach strategy for your business which includes offline and online channels. Our experts are equipped at managing strategy and execution to create a unique brand. We collaborate with you to help you through the funnel

Global expertise

Our global exposure has enabled us to derive consumer preference across varied industries and markets. At DGsaga, we take pride in delivering you region specific deliverables backed by data-driven insights. Working with DGsaga, you would experience professionals relentlessly working towards your goal. Our experts know what it takes to go to the market, garner audiences’ attention, nurture probable customers and convert them into paying customers.

Inhouse resources

We do not outsource our research or creative requirements to other countries. We have the right inhouse experts who excel in providing your business with a 360- degree solution. Our experts are skilled and masters in their respective field who constantly upskill themselves with the ever-evolving market needs. Onboarding with us you can be assured that we are a resilient force focused on turning around solutions for your brand.

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