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Influencers Fuel Brand Interactions

Influencer marketing is one of the sought-after marketing strategies by brands willing to influence a consumer’s buying cycle. Influencers can add value to your social media efforts by increasing brand awareness, building social media following base, and increasing engagement. Capitalizing the influencer relationships, brand can increase their top of the mind recall amidst consumers. At DGsaga, we are best Influencer Marketing Agency offer end-end influencer marketing services for brands looking to garner an edge over their competition. Our proven methodologies have resulted in garnering influencer engagement on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Importance of Influencer marketing

Consumers relate to their influencer whom they look up to for recommendations. Influencers have their communities that enriched with followers who constantly engage with them. The quest to communicate with the consumers has resulted in rise of Influencer marketing company. Influencers are relatable celebrities that social media users follow for inspiration. Still wondering if influencer marketing services is your fit. Here are surprising stats of the weightage of the influencers:

  • 70% of Teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities
  • 86% of Women use social media for purchasing advice
  • 6 in 10 Teens follow advice from influencers over celebrities
  • Influencer Marketing Campaigns Earn $6.50 for Every Dollar Spent
  • 22% of marketers feel influencer marketing is the most cost-effective method of obtaining new customers
  • 57% of Fashion and Beauty Companies Engage in Influencer Marketing
  • 40% of Consumers use Ad-Blocking technology
  • 60% of Consumers have been influenced by social media before purchase

Benefits of Onboarding
Influencer Marketing Partner

Our influencer marketing services offers your brand unprecedented access to technology and access. We create influencer management campaigns that amplify your brand’s message within your target audience. Our strategies combine your brand’s promise with the insights and create unique influencer marketing packages for you. We craft influencer interactions that maximize your social media engagement and build your brand’s influence.

Builds trust and reliability

Consumers trust the opinions of their peers and influencers. People admire the content and recommendations from influencers. Influencers add human element to their brand that results in building credibility for your products.

Increasing ROI

It is estimated that influencer marketing garners an average ROI of 650 percent. The potential of maximizing your returns from influencer marketing is tremendous. Brands can earn significant returns by investing a minimal amount towards influencer marketing.

Convert consumers faster

Influencer marketing moves consumers faster through the funnel. Companies earn more returns leveraging influencer marketing compared to traditional marketing. Leads generated via influencer marketing can be nurtured towards purchase faster.

Increases conversion rates

Every time influencer spreads your brand message, it has the potential to earn new leads, conversions, and sales. Influencer endorsements can convince shoppers that your product addresses their needs and provides them with a solution.

Boost brand awareness

Brand awareness influences consumer’s behavior which can yield in increased purchases. Influencers creates brand recognition amongst your target audience. They aid in building your follower base and increasing engagement by sharing your content.

Improves SEO signals

Influencer marketing helps in generating backlinks for your brand. With increased efforts in influencer marketing, you can improve your ranking for keywords and phrases related to your brand. Better ranking yields in increasing traffic to your website.

Our Influencer Marketing Services Offerings

With global footprints we provide integrated influencer management services. Our experts create unique approach that add value to your brand image. We revolutionize your consumer interactions with our well-crafted influencer strategy.

Influencer Strategy: Our creative team creates the right content that blends within the influencer’s content and develops unique identity for your brand. We create a mix of content formats that enhance storytelling of the brand leveraging influencer’s connection.

Influencer Activation: Initiate influencer connects through content marketing. Activate influencers to amplify your marketing campaigns. The expected outcome is building awareness, improving engagement and drive action from your target audiences.

Network Development: Create influencer communities with passionate fans who are your brand advocates. These fans spread word about your brand willingly and garner more attention from like-minded individuals.

Marketing: Develop a dedicated social media strategy that amplifies the influencer engagement activities. We develop an agile approach in creating conversations that fuel the influencer interactions with your consumers.

Our Result-Oriented Influencer Marketing Process

Learn your business: We commence a detailed research into your brand’s objectives, products, USPs, industry, micro and macro environment, and competition audit. Our experts combine insights from the research with the best practices for the industry and create a customized strategy for the brand.

Research target audienceOur team deep dives into your target audience. Which platforms are they present, which influencers they engage with and which content garners their attention. Leveraging your primary audience data or research reports, we build your shopper’s favorite social media platforms and influencers.

Develop influencer strategy: Our strategists create a performance-driven influencer outreach strategy for your brand. We recommend leveraging tools like Talkwalker or Brandwatch that captures the patterns and signal of your influencer engagement. Additionally, we manually cull out influencer engagement using our dedicated resources.

Identify influencers: With a data-drive, custom strategy developed, our strategists and your account manager, compile a list of influencers using tools. We align your influencer list with the strategy and feasibility of the connect. Our team assesses critical factors like their influence, reach, followers, engagement, and views before compiling your list..

Influencer selection: Post the identification of influencer, your account manager and strategists create an influencer matching report. The report provides a glimpse of the potential benefits influencer interaction would garner for the brand. Our team brainstorms with your inhouse experts to select the influencers for the program..

Secure your influencer: With the chosen influencers, our account specialists conduct an outreach activity. Basis the response received from the influencers; our team begins the process of amalgamating your content with the influencers. We handle the entire operation at our end to ensure a smooth delivery for your brand.

Creative Brief: We develop creative briefs in association with your team, to engage with the influencer. The brief provides an insight into the content generated by the influencer, and the key messages that will appear in the content. Once necessary approvals are sought after from your inhouse team, our creative team develops content to be leveraged further by influencers.

Launch influencer campaign: We calendarize and share the approved content with the influencers. The influencers align their content accordingly to ensure breathing space for your brand’s content. We monitor the tonality of the content to ensure it resonates with your brand voice and core messaging.

Monitor performance: With a focus on data and performance marketing, our specialists closely monitor the progress of the campaigns. We maintain a daily to report the interactions of the influencer engagement and the impact it has garnered for the brand. We also leverage Google Analytics events and goals to track our influencer engagement results.

Reporting: With influencer marketing being the new norm for many businesses, we report the impact garnered for the brand on a fortnightly and monthly basis. Our data analysts create user friendly reports that give you an insight into your influence within the influencer’s community. Basis the results, our strategists take course corrective actions for the campaigns.

Why Choose Our Influencer Marketing Services?

With a performance focused route and proven influencer relationships, we take pride in identifying ourselves as key influencer marketing partners. Our insightful and innovative approach can help in maximizing the brand’s digital authority.

Full stack influencer management

We offer full stack services that range from influencer identification, to content creation and development and nurturing influencer relationships to garner value for your brand. Our strategists leverage tools and adopt an agile approach towards creation of a robust influencer marketing program.

Equipped with industry know-how

Our experts are well versed with various industries influencers across YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Their knowledge aids in expediting relationship with the influencers. We carefully craft a unique engagement created blends the brand’s message with influencer’s content and consumer preferences.

Unparalleled results

We have helped our clients generate brand voice that is synchronous with platform’s needs. With our dedicated outreach efforts, we garner incremental results from the influencer marketing campaigns. We have our clients who have generated tangible impact for their brand.

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