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Social Media Management Drives Business Goals

Business goals are extended into marketing goals which transcends into social media marketing goals. Our social media management services understand the interconnectedness between social media goals and business objectives and leverage data-driven approach to achieve the target.

Business Goals That Our Social Media Management Services Facilitate Include 

Developing Brand Awareness: Growing your social media base, helps you increase word-of-mouth, and referrals. Building a healthy base also garners probable customer base. Our social media advertising agency help in increasing worldwide followers for your brand. We ensure that followers are genuine, authentic and can be nurtured into your future customers.

Building Relationships: An engaging community helps in increasing the likelihood of your conversions. Building an engaging community reduces your customer acquisition cost and maximizes your return. We help in increasing your overall channel’s engagement rate by garnering post likes, video views, shares, and comments. The more your engagement, the more is your authority in the social media space.

Increasing web traffic: Social media marketing drives referral traffic for your website. Consistent incremental web traffic helps in increasing your brand value. We build campaigns that aid in driving steady number of visitors to your websites. Our experts leverage retargeting techniques, while promoting social media posts, to increase conversions.

Importance of Being Active on Social Media

There are more than 3 billion users who use social media today. These users globally spend 2 hours 24 minutes on social media engaging with friends, brands, and influencers. Some consumers prefer social media as one of the digital touchpoints for researching a product before purchase. Some users confirm that they have discovered a new product via social media. Social media gives opportunity for brands to converse with their consumers where they are present. Brands can leverage social media effectively to deepen their relationships with their consumers. Social media adds the humanization and thought leadership element for your brand amongst the consumer’s mindshare. Still considering if social media fits your business? Look at some of the statistics, to pick the right fit for your business with our social media management Services.

  • 45% of world’s population is on social media
  • 54% of social browsers use social media to research products
  • 71% of consumers who have had positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend brand
  • 49% of consumers depend on Influencer recommendations on social media
  • 53% of users say they bought a product they first saw on Twitter
  • 56% of people visit Facebook to get information
  • 80% of all Instagram users follow a business on Instagram
  • 80% of social media B2B leads come from LinkedIn
  • 54% of YouTubers want marketers to put out more video content
  • 90% of TikTok users access the app on a daily basis
  • 48% of Pinterest users shop actively on platform after viewing photos
  • 55% of Spotify’s user base is millennials
  • 15 billion messages are sent over by Telegram
  • 10 million music creators on Soundcloud



Perks of Hiring a Social Media Agency

When building your social media presence, one should not focus all the efforts on one channel. Each social media channel has their own tactics, image formats, content formats that works best for them and their user base. Just like in businesses, each of the social media channels have their own strengths, limitations that can add value to your business. Thus, to succeed on these channels one needs to have platform specific strategy and outreach plan. Building and implementing channel specific approach can be time consuming and would require bandwidth from your in-house team.

Hence outsourcing your social media efforts to an agency can benefit your business. Onboarding full-service social media agencies, like DGsaga, you get unique social media management services built to propagate your brand’s message. Our social media team of experts leverage industry’s best practices catering to the geographical requirements to ensure sparking conversations are created with your audience. With a keen eye for detail, we deliver tangible results that accelerate your social media growth. Our team dedicatedly works on creating unique digital experiences for your consumers that enables businesses to achieve their business goals. Whether your aim is to build social media community, grow engagement or increase web traffic; DGsaga is your one-stop-solution.


Our Social Media Management Offerings

We provide social media marketing offerings for a plethora of platforms. Our social media advertising experts have years of experience in mastering the platforms. With the constantly evolving social media platforms, our team constantly upgrade their skills instantly.

Our Proven Effective
Social Media Management Process

Assign a dedicated account manager: Onboarding with DGsaga, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to your brand. The individual will be an extended arm of your inhouse team. They will be continuously working towards your social media goals. The individual is your first point of contact who will collaborate with our creative, strategists, executioners, data analysts, and technologists to relentlessly deliver results for your brand.

Develop strategy for your business: After partnering with you, first step we undertake is conducting research, competition audit, identifying audience patterns. We combine the insights with the brand intelligence and develop customer-centric social media strategy plan. Our social media experts go a step further in developing a roadmap and outreach plan for your brand. With DGsaga you will find campaign ideas, hashtags, calendarized for each platform.

Develop Content Calendars: Once a strategy is signed off, we commence with execution. Our creative experts develop brand tonality based on social media personas, while our content specialists build a content calendar basis the available brand content. We develop social media posts that are unique to your brand. Our thematic content undertakes platform trends into consideration. Prior to publishing the posts, the workflow involves a signoff from your team.

Real-time Optimization: Our social media management Services include daily management of your channels to monitor customer queries and concerns. We monitor all social media brand mentions (comments, messages, and reviews), with an aim to respond them within 24 hours. In addition, we add organic trending hashtags that increase the reach of your social media marketing efforts.

Reporting And Communication: The dedicated account manager will present monthly reports to review the KPIs with insights and way forward plan for the account. The account manager will maintain a daily reporting schedule at their end to track the progress of the activities. You can gain access to the report by connecting with the account manager directly. Basis the results, our strategists revisit the strategy or tactics to optimize your returns.


Why Choose Our Social Media Management Services?


We mutually agree on deliverables to be covered under your social media strategy. With our monthly reporting, you can tap into KPIs being delivered on a real-time basis. Our agile methodologies facilitate you to ride over risks during uncertain times.

Low risk contracts

At DGsaga we value integrity and trust of our clients. We aim to excel across our offerings for your brand. Our social media experts relentlessly work towards maximizing your social media ROI.

Value for money

We create valuable packages which cover your goals of brand awareness, brand recognition and garnering share-of-voice on social media platforms. Our packages include retainership cost of managing social media accounts. We believe in creating value.

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