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Video as a Strategy

Video Production Services improvement in search-engine ranking. Videos engage viewers, keep them informed, updated, and inculcate a higher sharing probability. Videos are best form of digitally telling stories about your brand that entices your consumers towards purchase. Each video created, increases the indexes for your brand on search engine which alleviates your brand awareness and visibility amongst your target audience. 

Benefits of Video Assets

Brand awareness: Videos aid in capturing the attention from your consumers. They educate your consumers on the products and solutions. An enriching video has the potential to garner virality for your brand.

Social engagement: Videos enable brands to break the clutter and strike sparking conversations with their probable consumers. Social media users are more likely to follow and engage with brands who share powerful videos.

Brand trust: Videos humanize the brand. Consumers relate with brand videos and thus build trust and loyalty with the brand. Brands that leverage videos can easily deepen their relationships with their consumers.

Organic ranking: Videos embedded within your content on websites or blogs has the probability of being ranked on search engines. Garnering popularity for these videos will aid in outranking your competition on search.

Mobile optimization: With mobile being a first go-to medium, it is imperative for brands to deliver a video that is functional across devices. Mobile users watching the videos are more likely to share across with their peers.

Conversion: Video content is an ideal fit to move your consumers through the funnel. The video content is a great way to increase brand awareness, engage consumers, qualify the content, and convert buyers.

Customer loyalty: Explainer videos and tutorials help consumers visualize the benefits of your solutions. They guide your consumers into understanding the expectation from your products, which maximizes the brand value and garners loyalty.

Importance of Video Production Services!

The process how consumers research into their solutions has completely transformed. Consumers find it easier to look for educational/how-to solutions before purchasing the brand. They have become as one of the digestible content formats that influences a consumer’s decision-making abilities. With the ever-increasing video engagement, it is no surprise that consumers have spent more than 1 billion hours of YouTube videos. Thus, it is imperative for businesses to include video production as part of strategy. Still wondering why videos are effective? Let’s explore these metrices for an in-depth understanding

  • 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support
  • 66% more qualified leads generated by Video marketers
  • 80% of consumers have purchased a product after watching a video
  • 6+hours spent by internet users watching videos
  • 82% of website traffic will be video driven in 2022
  • 95% of message retention occurs while watching videos
  • 48% more views are incurred on social media with videos
  • 50% of internet users look for videos before visiting a store
  • 78% of people watch online videos every week
  • 92% of users watching video on mobile will share it with others

Benefits of Onboarding Video Marketers

With content marketing being the king, videos are the crown of the king. Every content has the potential to go viral if the narrative is unique. Your content has your brand’s story woven into it. Thus, narrating powerful stories is imperative to capture the emotion, mind, and heart of your consumers. Videos can do all of this and go beyond to create experience for the brand in the consumers’ minds. However, making videos can be a challenge as it requires the right skill sets, time, and efforts. Onboarding specialists can lift off the pressure from your inhouse team and create transformational stories. Hiring YouTube video production company can bring following value to your project:

Cost efficiencies

Being the leading social media marketing platform, Facebook is recognized widely as a starting point for advertising. Facebook offers companies to reach their consumers basis their objectives. A few options include campaigns to increase brand awareness, engagement, website visits, leads, conversions, store visits, and many more.

Creative Input

Video production companies dive into your business, including services, products, and value of organizations to find the best version of your brand’s narrative. Our attention to detail attitude ensures we create a good perspective amongst your consumers.


With the ever-evolving technology, it can be difficult to create videos that are suited for the current consumers’ taste. As part of professional requirement video production companies are always abreast with the current market trends that consumers engage with.


Producing videos internally can be a time-consuming process that can impact the outcome of the video. Video production companies have a detailed process which ensures them to deliver the quality videos that resonate with consumers’ preferences.


Professional video agencies work on timelines and project plan to ensure appropriate deliverables. Agencies can deliver consistency across the series of videos so that they are of same quality and appeal to the consumers’ eyes.

Our Video Production Offerings

Having decides to incorporate videos as part of your marketing strategy, it is imperative to decide which type of videos should be created. There are several types of videos, choosing the appropriate can be a daunting task for your team, partnering with us we make your work easier.

Explainer videos: Promote your brand, describe your product, and update your prospects with easy to understand explainer videos. They can be animated, 2D, 3D, or hybrid and are apt at nurturing consumers and closing leads faster.

Product Videos: Product videos highlight the features, benefits, and challenges they resolve for your consumer. The videos are extremely useful as they help in creating brand affinity amidst the consumers and building consideration.

Animated videos: Animated videos are unique. Combining animation with explainer videos helps in garnering success. Animation simplify the concepts with well-illustrated visuals which are easily grasped by consumers.

Video testimonials: Consumer’s stories are truly the best form of advertisement for your product. We understand this and hence craft unique script to deliver exceptional testimonials. Our testimonials that encourages your existing consumers and prospects to engage with your brand.

Video editing: We expertise in weaving stories to your raw footages. Our creative team ideates to deliver a believable story for your consumers. With our Video Production Services you can create series of videos to be leveraged upon social media.

Our Video Production Process

Debriefing: Once we receive a video brief from your end, we conduct sessions with your inhouse stakeholders to understand the purpose of the video. We invest our efforts in understanding the objectives of the video and the requirement in detail before selecting the approach, treatment, and the type of video to be created.

Scripting: After getting the approval on the type of video to be created, our creative team ideates to decide the script and elements of the video. We create a list of things required to create the video. Once a story is woven into the script, we submit the same for your review.

Storyboarding: Post finalization of script, storyboards are created. The storyboards illustrate the brand identity, colors and elements that will be displayed in the video. It also includes voice- over artist notes if used for the script. Storyboards enables you and your team to visualize the video before commencing with video development

Development: Once storyboards are signed off, our visual designers, animators commence their work to create bespoke videos for your brand. We create or leverage stock visuals that represent the storyboards. In case of physical shoot, a day prior shoot is conducted with stakeholders and raw footage is collected.

Editing: Editing is a crucial element as the shoot and script. Editing involves giving the narrative a structure that resonates with brand voice and consumers’ preference. We stitch the final output with background score to capture the audiences’ attention. Additionally, we include animations that can reinforce your brand message that needs to be delivered.

Marketing: Being a full-fledged service agency, we do not leave your videos post-delivery. We create marketing strategy and tactics to leverage the videos in communication. Our strategists calendarize a plan that aims at garnering engagement from the consumers’. We propagate your video to build influence amongst your target audience and generate virality.


Why Choose Our Video Production Services

Strong Expertise

We have a decade of experience in digital storytelling. Our core management team has been actively involved in their past corporate experience delivering B2B and B2C videos across 14+ industries. We have invested in the right partners to provide you with compelling and quality stories. Our experts have invested in equipment that facilitate on- premise shoots as well. With our core belief in digital storytelling, we guarantee delivery of world-class, innovative videos for the brand.

Integrated offerings

Our agency focuses on providing you with 360-degree video production services. We provide scripting, shoot, post, and marketing solutions that amplify your video message. Our campaign experts fuse the videos in their social media strategies to increase your brand recall. With our creative video making approach, your brand gets an integrated communication thrust that can increase your marketing effectiveness. Implementing an integrated communication plan leverages in maximizing your returns.

Value for money

With renowned partners, you can get value for money with much a greater quality. Our offerings focus not on just building your brand perception, but also cover business goals. We help in maximizing your returns with your investments.

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