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How Businesses can Benefit from SoundCloud Marketing

SoundCloud is an audio social networking platform. The foundation of the platform revolves around the consumption of user-generated audio. From being a go-to platform for underground producers and musicians to share their work, SoundCloud has evolved to have studios, recording artists, popular brands, renowned news authorities use the medium to share exclusive audio content. With over 272 Million users, SoundCloud reaches to 320 Million global users monthly. The platform is a home to 10 Million creators who have uploaded 170 Million tracks.

SoundCloud has become the second highest streaming music service in the world behind YouTube. With a readily available API, it is easy to share and consume audio through its mobile app and embedded widgets. Being on SoundCloud enables to business to include audio content as part of their marketing mix and engage their audience in a unique way. 


Brands can leverage any of the three different methods to explore SoundCloud Marketing!

Radio Show: A non-music content that offers educational, informational, and genuine facts to the listeners, is extremely popular with SoundCloud listeners. The radio show can be a path to hone your content marketing. Identify the types of audio content that your consumers prefer and build a radio show around these. With consistency, you can engage your consumers and nurture them further in the funnel.

Audio Banners: SoundCloud embedded banners can give a new interaction medium with your target audience. Shifting away from traditional image-based banners on your website that depict promotions, to audio banners from SoundCloud can increase the brand’s engagement. Incorporating happy customers testimonials or product ads, displays the experimentation attitude of the brand which allures consumers towards engagement. SoundCloud’s in-built analytic service allows you to track the listens for the banner.

Audio Tour: Businesses can leverage SoundCloud to give a sound tour of the brand. The sound tour gives an insight into the brand story, positioning, product features, manufacturing/service process, which facilitates the decision-making abilities of consumers. Audio tours of the working facility of the business can elicit an exclusive feeling within the consumers. Such exclusivity is appreciated and reciprocated by consumers with increased engagements. 

SoundCloud Management Services

With SoundCloud being a home to businesses, artists, musicians, and producers, we provide services that cater to all the stakeholders. At DGsaga, we specialize in proliferating your track to your target audience in an efficient way. Our services are customized basis the stakeholder and objective you wish to gain from SoundCloud marketing services. We have global footprints that gives your content a global exposure. Our services are agile, pioneering, and customized to your target audience

Platform Management: Our social media specialists and consultants deliver a complete suite of SoundCloud services such as developing strategy, creating the channel, implementing the strategy, create and upload content, engaging with influencers for promotions, and monitoring the brand mentions. We maximize the channel outreach by building a steady follower base and garnering consistent engagement from the consumers for the content.

Content Development: With inhouse content and copywriters we are adept at producing varying audio formats. Our team strategizes the content pegs such that they are a part of a larger campaign. We develop audios that add the human element for your brand. Our social media specialists support the creative team by sharing the insights of content themes preferred by your consumers on the platform. Our content created is offers cutting-edge advantage over your competition.

SoundCloud Engagement: Our social media specialists distribute your content on the platform amidst your target consumers. With our integrated communication approach, our content garners enormous engagement from the audience. We fuse in paid promotions services like garnering followers, increasing engagement for tracks and garner global virality for the tracks.

Influencer Management: With artists being the focal point of SoundCloud engagement, we work towards leveraging influencer engagement for brands. Our social media specialists deep dive into your target audiences’ personas to identify the artists they follow, engage, and are influenced upon. We curate the list of the artists and conduct a dedicated outreach to them to convince them to collaborate with branded content. Once influencers onboard with the brand, we monitor the impact of the activity and measure the returns received.

Our SoundCloud Management Process

Strategy Development: We conduct a discovery session by work together with your team to understand brand intelligence. We combine the brand intelligence with our secondary insights of industry, market, competition, and consumer preferences. Our social media strategists build a SoundCloud strategy that aligns with the business goals and enhances consumer engagement. We finetune the strategy, basis inputs from your team. A dedicated social media manager to implement the strategy and tactics.

Content Creation: Our creative and content specialists identify content formats that can be developed to engage your target audiences. We develop content themes, and topics that can supplement your content strategy. Our creatives are in line with your brand’s tonality and imagery. At each stage we uprise your team with the copies, creatives for approval. The entire workflow is supported by an automation tool, Trello which provides real-time updates for all the stakeholders part of the project.

Implementing growth: Our social media specialists implement the strategy that aid in a brand’s growth on SoundCloud. We focus on garnering influencer engagement, followers, views, impressions, reach, likes, shares, and comments for your brand on SoundCloud. Our social media specialists combine organic growth with paid promotions to build authority. With global footprints we garner global exposure for the brand. We optimize the platform to deliver results that enhance social media presence.

Monitoring: We monitor the consumer interactions on a real-time basis. Our social media specialists collect reviews, grievances, queries received from the customer. These are directed to your team and addressed within the TAT mutually decided. We are adept at identifying negative pulse from the audience that can create potential crisis for the brand. Your dedicated social media account manager creates a monthly report to include insights of queries, grievance management, brand sentiment, influencers, detractors, content themes and share-of-voice. These insights can aid in defining the future campaign ideas for brands.

Reporting: We understand the potential of SoundCloud marketing for brands. Hence, our social media marketing specialists create a monthly report that gives your team an insight into the brand’s performance. We benchmark our performance against industry and competition. The report covers metrices like follower base, impressions, reach, clicks, shares, likes, mentions, engagement rate, influencers engagement, website referral traffic, customer satisfaction, leads nurtured, and conversion rates. We recommend course corrective methods with way forward plans that maximize your business goals.

Why Choose Us
for SoundCloud Services?

Inhouse specialists

With a dedicated inhouse team of social media specialists, content specialists, video makers, influencer managers, and visual artists we can turn around and deliver quality work in a short span timeframe. Our team is equipped at managing the brief and aligning deliverables that facilitate the achievement of goals. We undertake internal brainstorming sessions to ensure our communication developed adheres to your brand guidelines, consumer preference and differentiates the brand from the competition. Our team constantly upgrades themselves to meet the needs of the ever-evolving market.

Unique content

We create and curate unique content that gives your brand an edge over the competition. With domain expertise of over a decade on digital storytelling, we can deliver all kinds of visuals and package them well suited for your consumers. We have dedicated internal visualization specialists who are adept with knowledge of 14+ industries that results in creation of engaging content which captures the attention of your consumers’. With a dedicated automated workflow process, we deliver quality and brand adherent creatives.

Result orientation

Our SoundCloud marketing services are focused on garnering results. We develop our outreach plan to align with your business goals. SoundCloud content pegs are created with an objective to amplify the product affinity and educate consumers so that they move along the buying funnel. Our social media specialists optimize the performance of the brand on SoundCloud to maximize your returns. We implement strategies that garner genuine followers, website traffic and engagement for your account. With global footprints, our social media specialists implement world’s best strategies across the globe for the brand.


Our inhouse social media specialists are experienced in SoundCloud marketing services for brands. We are adept at strategy development, content creation, influencer identification, distribution, promotions, monitoring and reporting. We build strategies that are customized for brands and developed with a data-driven approach. Since our services are unique, innovative, and aggressive, they give you an edge your competition. Our social media marketing services are built on the lines of transparency, agile methodologies and a diligent workflow matrix that ensures we deliver tangible results.

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