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Importance of TikTok Marketing

Being launched in 2016, TikTok is the upcoming social media trend that has achieved more than 1.5 Billion downloads and has presence in 150+ countries. The platform consists of 15-60 seconder recorded videos that can be edited in the app and integrated with other social media platforms. TikTok has evolved from a video-creation app to a marketing haven for brands looking to target GenZ. TikTok enables brands to engage with users through video in short clips. TikTok gives you an opportunity to engage with users, influencers, and celebrities. The app caters to modern usage trends and gives brands the much-needed push to attract audience, who are looking for new ways to connect.

TikTok marketing is all about creating fun and visually appealing content. TikTok content is not a platform for sales driven pitches. The platform gives you the leeway to show your creativity and authenticity that helps in establishing credibility for brands. Inclusion of TikTok in your marketing gives brand the opportunity to leverage user-generated content marketing tactic. 

Still unconvinced, let us look at some of the statistics!

  • 800Million+ monthly active users on TikTok, makes it 6th largest social network
  • 1 downloaded app of 2020
  • 40 TikTok stars have 10 Million+ followers
  • 90% of TikTok users access the app on daily basis
  • 46 minutes is the average time spent by TikTok users on the app
  • 35% of TikTok users have participated in the Hashtag Challenge
  • 5 Million+ daily impressions garnered for brand takeover ads on TikTok
  • 1% is the average engagement rate of TikTok

Our TikTok Marketing Services

TikTok has been regarded as the destination of ‘short-form’ creative mobile videos. TikTok content inspires and influences their users. The TikTok creators and influencers help in bridging the gap between consumers and the brand. Partnering with social media specialists like us, gives you the chance to work with 360-degree agency. We provide end-end services ranging from strategy development, platform management, content creation, influencer engagement and promotions. With our expertise, we develop tactics that are consumer-centric and aligned to the brand’s business goals. Our TikTok outreach plan is built on a data-driven approach and aims to maximizing your social returns while achieving growth. Our innovative, agile, and custom TikTok management include the following

TikTok Management: Our social media specialists and consultants deliver an entire array of TikTok management services such as developing strategy, creating the channel, implementing the strategy, create and upload captivating videos, work with creators and influencer to propagate the brand message, monitor and report brand mentions. We maximize the channel outreach by building a steady follower base and garnering consistent engagement from the consumers for the content.

Content Development: With inhouse content and copywriters we are adept at producing short- form videos. Our team strategizes the content pegs such that they are a part of a larger campaign. We create innovative and genuine videos, that add the human element for your brand. Our social media specialists support the creative team by sharing the insights of video themes trending on the platform.

TikTok Engagement: Our social media specialists package your content with appropriate copies and keywords that increases your likelihood of visibility. With best-in-class copywriters and creative team, we deliver an integrated communication plan for your brand that uplifts your brand positioning. With our compelling copies, captivating videos, and well-managed posting schedule aligned to platform peak times, we garner likes, shares, video views and boost the engagement rate of your channel.

TikTok Ad Management: We compliment your organic efforts with paid Ads, that increase discoverability of the video. Our social media specialists propagate your brand message to the target audience leveraging the platform’s ad formats such as brand takeover ads, in-feed native video ads, top-view, branded effects, and hashtag challenge. We manage your ads by setting up goals, uploading creative, defining target audience (age, language, custom audience, lookalikes), and budget allocation. We monitor and optimize the campaign performance on real-time basis.

Our TikTok Management Process

Strategy Development: We conduct a discovery session by work together with your team to understand brand intelligence. We combine the brand intelligence with our secondary insights of industry, market, competition, and consumer preferences. Our social media strategists build a TikTok strategy that aligns with the business goals and strengthens a brand’s social media authority. We finetune the strategy, basis inputs from your team. A dedicated social media manager to implement the strategy and tactics.

Content Creation: Our creative and content specialists identify content formats that can be developed to engage your target audiences. We develop content themes, and topics that can supplement your content strategy. Our videos are in line with your brand’s tonality and imagery. At each stage we uprise your team with the copies, creatives for approval. The entire workflow is supported by an automation tool, Tello which provides real-time updates for all the stakeholders part of the project.

Implementing growth: Our social media specialists implement the strategy that aid in a brand’s growth on TikTok. We focus on garnering followers, video views, impressions, reach, likes, shares, and comments. Our social media specialists combine organic growth with paid promotions to build authority for brands on TikTok. With global footprints we garner global exposure for the brand. We optimize the platform to deliver results that enhance social media presence.

Monitoring: We monitor the comments garnered on your content. Our social media specialists collect reviews, grievances, queries received from the customer. These are passed on to your team and addressed within the TAT mutually decided. We are adept at identifying negative pulse from the audience that can create potential crisis for the brand. Your dedicated social media account manager creates a monthly report to include insights of queries, grievance management, brand sentiment, influencers, detractors, content themes and share-of-voice. These insights can aid in defining the future campaign ideas for brands.

Reporting: We understand the value TikTok marketing can deliver for brands. Hence, our social media marketing specialists create a monthly report that gives your team an insight into the brand’s performance. We benchmark our performance against industry and competition. The report covers metrices like follower base, impressions, reach, clicks, shares, likes, mentions, engagement rate, influencers engagement, website referral traffic, customer satisfaction, leads nurtured, and conversion rates. We recommend course corrective methods with way forward plans that maximize your social media returns.

Why Choose us
for TikTok Services?

Inhouse specialists

With a dedicated inhouse team of social media specialists, content specialists, video makers, influencer managers, and visual artists we can turn around and deliver quality work in a short span timeframe. Our team is equipped at managing the brief and aligning deliverables that facilitate the achievement of goals. We undertake internal brainstorming sessions to ensure our communication developed adheres to your brand guidelines, consumer preference and differentiates the brand from the competition. Our team constantly upgrades themselves to meet the needs of the ever-evolving market.

Unique content

We create and curate unique content that gives your brand an edge over the competition. With domain expertise of over a decade on digital storytelling, we can deliver all kinds of visuals and package them well suited for your consumers. We have dedicated internal visualization specialists who are adept with knowledge of 14+ industries that results in creation of engaging content which captures the attention of your consumers’. With a dedicated automated workflow process, we deliver quality and brand adherent creatives.

Result orientation

Our TikTok marketing services are focused on garnering results. We develop our outreach plan to align with your business goals. TikTok videos are created with an objective to amplify the product affinity and educate consumers so that they move along the buying funnel. Our social media specialists optimize the performance of the brand on TikTok to maximize your returns. We implement strategies that garner genuine followers, website traffic and engagement for your account. With global footprints, our social media specialists implement world’s best strategies across the globe for the brand.


Our inhouse social media specialists’ and partnerships help in a full suite TikTok marketing services for brands. We are adept at strategy development, content creation, influencer identification, distribution, promotions, monitoring and reporting. We build strategies that are customized for brands and developed with a data-driven approach. Since our services are unique, innovative, and aggressive, they give you an edge your competition. Our social media marketing services are built on the lines of transparency, agile methodologies and a diligent workflow matrix that ensures we deliver tangible results.

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