Our Work

Millions of users join social media and interact with businesses on social media channels. A considerable number of users research products or services on social media before purchase. Coupled with this is the rising video consumption on social media that presents an opportunity for brands to create a well-crafted video marketing strategy aimed at nurturing the audience across the buying cycle and increasing conversions. Developing videos suited to social media marketing, brands stand to gain a competitive edge in attracting their target audience. Collaborating with DGsaga's social media video services, you can build an arsenal of optimized, tailored, and engaging videos that amplify the brand's message.

We believe in producing social media videos that drive engagement. Our video creators aim towards building performance-driven videos that garner engagement such as like, comment, share, and generate curiosity amongst users that triggers an action from them. We undertake a staggered process of Pre-planning, Planning, Scripting, Storyboarding, Post-Production, Review/Feedback, and Closure. Our work is not limited to the creation of social media videos, we go a step further and provide consultation on the tactics to market the video on the channels that enhances the video virality.

The key to a successful social media video lies in creating the appropriate type of video that compliments the messaging. Social media videos are distributed across different formats like Social Media Ads, ScrollStoppers, Stomp Teasers, Text Animation, Whiteboard Animation or Doodles, 2D Explainer Videos, 3D Explainer Videos, Character Explainers, Motion Graphics, Portfolio Display, Promotional Videos, Trending News, Live Videos, Testimonial Videos, Behind-the-Scenes Videos and Tutorial Videos.

Our globally enriched team of experts identifies the relevant format for the video and creates attention-grabbing videos that differentiate the brand from the competition. We aim the video delivers against the objective of increasing brand awareness or driving engagement or building brand perception or nurturing consumers closer to the buying cycle or educating audiences or creating brand advocates or building hyper-targeting campaigns for social media. The team is adept in creating channel-specific video messaging be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Forums like Reddit, Quora.

Still, wondering about collaborating with us? Take a look at our portfolio of some project samples. Our video specialists have the experience to build videos for startups, budding entrepreneurs, small-medium business enterprises, influencers, educational institutes, educational course providers, healthcare providers, medicare suppliers, companies specializing in logistics, products, eCommerce, travel, hospitality, software, and enterprise solutions, building material suppliers, financial and investment planners, stock traders, recruitment and marketing campaigns.

Connect with us and let our experienced professionals build out-of-box video production and marketing solutions that helps in increasing conversions for the brand!