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Importance of YouTube Marketing

Video has become a vital part of delivering digital experiences to Internet users. With over 1 Billion video views per day, YouTube is home to capturing your audiences’ attention. YouTube gives marketers room to create unique content which enables users to consume and share. YouTube marketing enables brands to increase reach, build brand awareness, engage with consumers, enhance brand’s visibility, and nurture consumers’ buying behaviour.

Being the second largest search engine after Google, YouTube marketing aids in improving the searchability for brands. This means that the platform presents a huge potential for your businesses. With Millions of users scouting for information on YouTube, it is an ideal fit for marketers who look to leverage social media marketing for influencing their consumers’ purchase cycles. YouTube facilitates brands to digitally narrate their stories in the most innovative way that can seize your consumers’ mindshare. 


Adoption of YouTube increases a brand’s visibility in various ways!

  • 60% of people prefer Online video to Live TV
  • 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute
  • 70% of what people watch on YouTube are driven by platform’s recommendation
  • 11m 24 seconds is the average time spent by each user on YouTube
  • 70% of YouTube views comes from mobile devices
  • 80% of marketers believe YouTube to be effective video marketing platform
  • 62% of businesses use YouTube as a channel to post video content
  • 90% of users say they discovered a new product on YouTube
  • 6.5-page views on average generated for every visit
  • 37% of mobile internet traffic is from YouTube

YouTube Management Services

YouTube marketing services aim at increasing a brand’s visibility and improving the searchability of the brand. Collaborating with social media specialists like us, gives you the chance to work with full-service agency. With our end-end services such as strategy, content creation, video making, optimization, distribution, marketing and analytics, brands can be rest assured that their YouTube management is in safe hands. We develop tactics and content that cater to every funnel in the buyers. Our strategists outline YouTube outreach plan that is based on data-driven insights derived from brand intelligence, market trends, industry trends, and consumer trends. With a dedicated global team of experts ensure we maximize your returns and accelerate your social media growth.

Our innovative, responsive, and custom YouTube management include the following:

YouTube Management: Our social media specialists and consultants deliver an entire suite of YouTube management services like creating the channel, implementing the strategy and tactics developed for the brand, posting the content created combined with compelling content, appropriate keywords, and identifying the influencers. The team is involved in optimizing the channel by implementing SEO practices, hashtags, and ensuring the channel adheres to brand tonality, imagery, and guidelines. We maximize the YouTube marketing efforts for brands by incorporating ideal call-to-action, responding to customer comments and queries, and engaging with influencers.

Content Creation: We have inhouse team of creative, copywriters and right video production partners who are adept at producing quality video content. The video production partners are equipped with graphic designers, script writers, voice-over artists, editors, animators, producers, and videographers. We can deliver varied video formats like social media videos, how-to videos, whiteboard videos, event videos, testimonials, vlogs, product videos, corporate videos, explainer videos, animator videos and much more. With the focus on ranking in an AI algorithm of the platform, we create keyword-optimized descriptions. Our social media specialists pay importance to link placements, inclusion of keywords that can influence ranking on YouTube and increase content discoverability.

YouTube Engagement: Our social media specialists package your content with appropriate copies and keywords that increases your likelihood of visibility. With best-in-class copywriters and creative team, we deliver an integrated communication plan for your brand that uplifts your brand positioning. With our compelling copies, captivating videos, and well-managed posting schedule aligned to platform peak times, we garner likes, shares, video views and boost the engagement rate of your channel. Our social media specialists’ expertise in building your followers and increasing the engagement for your content.

YouTube Ad Management: With YouTube Ads being the largest display platform for video ads, our social media specialists, strategize, script, produce and edit your YouTube ads. We compliment your organic YouTube presence with paid promotions. We can deliver your brand message to your target audience leveraging varied YouTube formats – display Ads, overlay ads, skippable video ads, non-skippable video ads, bumper ads, sponsored cards. Our social media specialists’ setup the campaign by selecting goals, target audience (location, gender, age, language), behavior, networks for distribution, ad groups and budget allocation. We monitor and optimize the campaign performance on real-time basis.

Video SEO: Ranking on YouTube is important as well as challenging. A variety of variables determine your video ranking on the world’s second largest search engine. The variables include: Total views, average view duration, video length, Keywords used in titles, captions, tags, descriptions, backlinks and embeds, positive vs negative engagements, engagements (clicks, likes, dislikes, shares, comments), channel authority, video description length and much more. Our social media specialists focus on optimization tactics like curating playlists, validating keywords, promoting videos across channels, other social media networks, building subscriber base and much more. Our technical team works on adhering the technical specifications of videos like appropriate editing that ensures audiences’ attention is captured till the last frame. With the results obtained we pivot the strategy and implement course correctives.

Video syndication and distribution: We compliment your YouTube strategy with services that increase your content discoverability. Our social media specialists help in distributing your content across social networks, email, commonly referred as video syndication. We can also deliver PPC video ads to boost your campaign and aid in achievement of your social media goals. Our social media specialists identify platforms, sites where videos can be posted.

Our YouTube Management Process

Strategy Development: We undertake a discovery session by collaborating with your team to understand brand intelligence. We combine the brand intelligence with our secondary insights of industry, market, competition, and consumer preferences. Our social media strategists build a YouTube strategy that aligns with the business goals and augments a brand’s social media authority. Once discovery session is completed, we course correct the strategy basis the inputs from your team and assign a dedicated account manager who will implement your YouTube marketing strategy.

Content Creation: Post freezing of strategy, our creative and content specialists identify content formats that can be developed to engage your audiences. We develop themes, topics that can be best explained with videos. Our videos compliment your static contents. Once the theme and topics are identified, our script writers commence drafting of scripts. The script is followed by storyboards and postproduction process to develop videos. The video formats are various, our strategists select the type of video format that is best suited to deliver your brand message.

Implementing growth: With content created, our social media specialists implement the strategy defined for the brand. We focus on garnering video views, likes, subscriber base, shares, and comments for the brand. Our social media specialists’ combine organic and paid promotions to garner tangible numbers for the brand. With our proven expertise we have built successful YouTube channel by gaining worldwide exposure. We optimize the content created to seed in keywords, distribute content that help in building subscriber base and enhancing engagement.

Monitoring: We monitor the comments garnered on your content. Our social media specialists collect reviews, grievances, queries received from the customer. These are passed on to your team and addressed within the TAT mutually decided. We are adept at identifying negative pulse from the audience that can create potential crisis for the brand. Your dedicated social media account manager creates a monthly report to include insights of queries, grievance management, brand sentiment, influencers, detractors, content themes and share-of-voice. These insights can aid in defining the future campaign ideas for brands.

Reporting: We understand the value that YouTube marketing can deliver to your businesses. Hence, our YouTube marketing specialists create a monthly report that gives your team an insight into the brand’s performance. We benchmark our performance against industry and competition. The report covers metrices like subscriber base, impressions, reach, clicks, video views, profile visits, mentions, engagement rate, number of shares, influencers engaged, website referral traffic, customer satisfaction, leads nurtured, and conversion rates. We recommend course corrective methods with way forward plans that maximize your social media returns.

Why Choose us
for YouTube Services?

Full Service

Our inhouse social media specialists’ and partnerships help in providing 360-degree YouTube solutions for the brand. We are adept at strategy development, content creation, video making, distribution, promotions, monitoring and reporting. We build strategies that are customized for brands and developed with a data-driven approach. Since our services are unique, innovative, and aggressive, they give you an edge your competition. Our YouTube marketing services are built on the lines of transparency, agile methodologies and a diligent workflow matrix that ensures we deliver tangible results.

Unique content

We create and curate unique content that gives your brand an edge over the competition. With domain expertise of over a decade on digital storytelling, we can deliver all kinds of videos and package them well suited for the market trends. We have dedicated internal video specialists who are adept with knowledge of 14+ industries that results in creation of engaging videos which captures the attention of your consumers’. We excel in packaging of raw footages to create the wow factor for the brands.

Result orientation

Our YouTube marketing services are focused on achieving results. We develop our marketing plan to align with your business goals. YouTube videos are created with an objective to amplify the product affinity and educate consumers so that they move along the buying funnel. Our social media specialists optimize the performance of the plan to maximize your returns. We implement strategies that garner genuine subscribers and engagement for your accounts. With global footprints, our social media specialists implement world’s best strategies across the globe for the brand.

Inhouse specialists

With a dedicated inhouse team of social media specialists, content specialists, video makers, and visual artists we can turn around and deliver quality work in a short span timeframe. Our team is equipped at managing the brief and aligning deliverables that facilitate the achievement of goals. We undertake internal brainstorming sessions to ensure our communication developed adheres to your brand guidelines, consumer preference and differentiates the brand from the competition. Our team constantly upgrades themselves to meet the needs of the ever-evolving market.

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